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Go Green At Work and Avoid Seeing Red

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You might have implemented some ‘green’ philosophies in your personal life and at home. Perhaps you drive a hybrid car or do your recycling regularly, as well as teaching your children to switch lights off and only put the heating on when you really need it. But how can these things make their way into your business? I mean, do your consumers even care if you are a green business that is conscious of the world around you? You have got to bet that they do! Plus, implementing some green philosophies in the workplace can actually save your business money. Not convinced? Here are some of the ways that it can.

Replace Light Bulbs and Save

Perfect for that eureka moment: the best LED light bulbs to light up the night

If your workplace doesn’t yet use LED light bulbs, then it really needs to be. Initially, they can cost more than ‘regular’ light bulbs. But they are so much better for the environment, as well as for the light quality, yet they use so much less energy. So make the switch today and you will start to see the savings on your workplace energy bill.

Check Energy Symbol Rating on Equipment

When you’re looking to buy new computers or screens, or other equipment that has a plug, you need to check out the energy rating on those pieces of equipment. You don’t want to have a printer plugged in all day everyday if it is sapping the most energy and costing you a lot of money. So check the ratings to find the best one (as well as unplugging when not in use).

Go Paperless

It can be hard to go entirely paperless. But it is a good idea to do so when needed. It will take it coming from you before it filters down to other employees, though. So why not start by forwarding via email meeting plans, rather than printing everyone a copy to have at the meeting? Reduce the number of printers that you have in the office or convert your physical files into files that can be stored online. A few small changes and people’s mindset will start to change.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

How to Reduce Your Energy Bill with No Cost or Sacrifice

Looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, other than mentioned about light bulbs, can be a good way to save your business some money, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, this website here shows how you can using trace cables on your pipes to keep their temperature regulated all the time. When they don’t have to work as hard to heat up, it is going to help to keep your energy bill lower. The same for getting things like solar panels installed. It can be an investment to start with, but after not so long, it can be the thing that powers your office.

What ways are you looking to be more environmentally-friendly at work? It seems that we need to be making more and more changes as time goes on. So start now, and your bottom-line is going to notice the difference.

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