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Water-Cooled Servers Are Gaining Steam, And Here’s Why

Air-cooling servers have been the industry standard for decades. Using the natural atmosphere to reduce heat was and still is an effective way to manage technology. Until the IT world finds a way to stop producing energy, it’s about as good as it gets. Well, it is for now because water-cooled servers are on the way and gaining steam. The idea of mixing H2O and electricity goes against everything humanity stands for, yet brighter minds have found a solution. Indeed, Microsoft is thinking about storing its servers underwater in the ocean. Not all trends stick, but this one is here to stay and these are the reasons why.

It’s More Effective

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Research suggests that water is better at removing heat than air. In fact, has the number at 3,400. Yes, H2O is 3,400 times more effective at reducing heat than air. Of course, businesses can’t dunk an electrical appliance in a tub of water and hope for the best. The liquid is so good at its job that it destroys anything technological and reduces it to a splattering mess. Thankfully, intelligent people behind the tech are making breakthroughs. At the moment, a side-car with a liquid coil seems to be the answer. Or, the alternatives are liquid-cooled plates.

It Sustains Operations

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Sadly, data centers are hugely expensive. One source has the cost at more than the entire IT budget, which is pretty big. The problem with air-cooling filtration is the extras that a business needs to deal with the fallout. A cooling system is just the beginning and companies need better ways to cut costs. The good news is there is no reason to panic as liquid-cooling has a “pay as you grow” element. Therefore, the operations are affordable and sustainable at the same time. Should there be issues, provides replacements. As the tech advances, the cost drops dramatically.

And Helps The Planet

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On the face of things, an air-side filtration unit is a great way to help Mother Nature. What’s more efficient than using free air and pumping it around a data center? Sadly, when you dig deeper, the energy costs begin to rise as air filtration systems preserve the barrier. In simple terms, this means water-based coolers can use H2O to reduce heat and then recycle the water with a chiller or economizer. This is still what is known as “free cooling” without the hike in energy usage. Reducing energy consumption is essential now, yet it will be more important in five to ten years.

It’s a Novelty

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There’s no denying that novelty is society’s new currency. As tech advances, customers want to see what the fuss is about and if it will make a difference. Usually, people find that it’s just a marketing ploy, yet they buy it all the same. Think about Amazon’s Alexa. We have smartphones, so why ask a speaker for the answer? Truly, it’s due to the fact that consumers eat up new tech because it’s cool. And, water-cooled servers are no different.

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