Don’t Play Jenga With Your Construction Business: Foolish Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you have ever played Jenga, then you will understand our title. Pull out the wrong block from the game, and the wooden tower will come tumbling down, leaving you to pick up the pieces. And so it is in any business, but for the basis of this article, specifically the construction business. We wouldn’t have used the Jenga analogy otherwise!

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Make one of these foolish mistakes, and you will see your construction business topple to the ground.

Mistake #1: Not keeping up with the competition

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Every business has its competitors, and this is especially true for those working within construction. There are only a limited number of contracts out there, and you need to market your business to stay one step ahead of your rivals. From the marketing event ideas we showed you here,, to the traditional methods of flyers, business cards, and website marketing, give your business a shout-out to anybody who needs to hear about it.

Mistake #2: Skipping legal requirements

The Essentials For Starting A Construction Business

This isn’t only a game of Jenga… it’s Monopoly as well! You may draw the Jail card if you don’t follow legalities, and you will say goodbye to your reputation. You need official certification, a business license, and have insurance policies in place for the protection of your business, employees and your customers. Cutting corners in any area regarding law and legality will land you in very hot water, and you may never work in the industry again.

Mistake #3: Not having the right equipment

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Keep your clients happy and your staff safe by using the appropriate equipment. You will lose productivity if you don’t, and your quality of work will suffer. By working out what tools and equipment you need before work begins, you will be able to reduce the chances of you falling short in vital areas. From utilising bridges and mats when working outdoors (see to having upgraded technologies to manage deadlines, ensure you have all the tools you need for the job.

Mistake #4: Not having the ability to say ‘no’

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Contracts are like gold dust; we get it. You don’t want your rivals getting hold of them, and if work lands at your feet, it would be foolish of you to turn it down. Wouldn’t it? Not necessarily. For starters, you need to have the staff and tools at your disposal to manage the work effectively.

The Benefits of Mobile Technology to the Construction Industry

You also need to prioritise your time. If you have a busy timetable, with multiple projects ahead of you, then you may be tempted to cut corners to please everybody. It won’t work of course. By rushing through one contract to meet the next, or beginning a project unequipped to handle the job, you are going to running the risk of a terrible catastrophe, or in the case of this youtube video,, do something incredibly stupid.


Construction Machines Play Jenga With 600-Pound Blocks

Consider the mistakes listed as blocks you don’t want to remove from your planning. From forgetting your rivals to not having the tools for the job, your company is in danger of toppling down. A Jenga tower is easily rectified… the same does not apply when it comes to restoring your business.

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