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Time Tracking Software: How it works and its benefits

Early in my career days, I remember filling out my timesheet at work. A decade ago, the only way companies used to track their salaried employees time is through time sheets which were manually entered by the people. In today’s modern technology era, through effective communication, employees and the management should employ better time management methodologies in order to make the most out of their valuable and precious resource.

Time tracking software — A new way of tracking time

Whenever the phrase “tracking time”  comes to mind, people usually think of a normal online time sheet where the management and working staff make a note of their working hours for the week, attribute them to a particular assignment,  client or even category, and give that to their management at the end of every month or week. But, this conventional way of tracking time doesn’t actually give a detailed summary of the employee’s working day, there assignment process or even if it all the number of hours mentioned or actually dedicated to that particular activity or job.

The latest time tracking software has the ability to assess employees to better capture their time spent on multiple assignments simultaneously offering managers better idea into the employee’s working days. Also, businesses who have freelance professionals or employees who work from remote areas can keep expenses low while making sure the accountability.  there is a hell of a lot of companies that have efficient time tracking software and some of them include the screen capture technology that can take and save the snapshot of the employee’s laptop or PC screen at particular intervals and also the screen idle time, to pop up with any kind of inactivity. For instance, if you are worried your employees are wasting too much company time on snapchat, try snapchat spy.

Every type of company can benefit from an efficient time tracking software, regardless of the size of the company. Such softwares are certainly worth the money invested since they can track employee’s activity and much more. And companies who have utilized this technology have found improve productivity which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

Benefits of utilizing a time to track software

There are a lot of time tracking software benefits and that includes better activity management.  in running a business, often there are so many little things that are involved and many times we don’t even understand or even realize how many types we are managing at one time. Using the time tracking software will ensure that nothing is ever missed  and everything will be done just in time.

Payroll management

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There are some softwares available in the market that not only track an employee is time but is also capable of creating timesheets that can be used for payroll purposes. When it comes to working staff not receiving their monthly payment in a proper way or even proper amount of pay, every business faces such issues at one time or the other. Utilizing a time tracking software will eventually reduce that problem. This software is the perfect solution for businesses who have odd working hours.

Better Focus

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One of the best things about working stuff being able to track their own time is that they indeed can see a better picture how actually they are working in a day. When they see the time sheet report where their productivity is relatively lower than their co worker for employees, then they will focus and how to improve their work productivity in a better way. They will know how much time they are spending on each of the given activities and in case they are lagging behind they will spend some time on how to be more productive. They will be also able to inform their respective managers if an activity or a task they think to get a bit late and hence the project line can be extended.

Cut waste costs

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At the end of the day, every business wants profits. For this reason, every business owner constantly looks for various ways to cut unnecessary cost and expenses to increase profits. When they utilize time tracking software, they will understand the company workflow in a better way and see where the problem is exactly lying and what is to be done in order to address those problems. Most of the times we overlook small problems until it is too late. This software prevents such things from happening.

Better client billing

This is another big issue that many businesses face every once in a while. It is essential to ensure that your clients are properly billed. Without the time tracking software, ensuring proper billing is a tough process. For example, if you bill your client based on per hour rather than by the assignment or the project, this tracking software will make sure that your clients are billed the right amount.

Decreased unplanned absences

When you are working staff is able to see what they have for days off, they will be able to schedule their leaves in a better way.  There’s definitely means that you are working staff is definitely going to observe the huge change and a number of unplanned absences of the employees which impact work productivity. Of course, there’s still going to be a few employees who fall sick every now and then. It is something that no one can ever plan. However, such kind of system will assist employees in scheduling their time.

Less work for the payroll department

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For the payroll department, it can be a challenging situation to calculate every employee’s hours and ensure that every employee gets the right amount of pay, deductions, etc. When your payroll department starts utilizing this time tracking software, the job is a lot simpler and they can ensure that there are no mistakes made. All the calculations can be entered into a timesheet program. Since every employee is keeping an eye on their own time, obviously there would be less work for the employees in the payroll department.

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