Employee Management: What Bosses Most Commonly Get Wrong

If your job is to oversee a team of people, you need to be able to do it correctly without making the kinds of mistakes that so often get made. In order for you to be able to do that, you first need to be aware of what some of the most common employee management mistakes are. Only then will you be able to get on the right track. Here are some of the best examples.

Not Treating Employees as Individuals

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Employees shouldn’t be viewed as on a lower plain to you. That’s not a healthy way to manage a company. Instead, you should try to make sure that everyone is treated as an individual and a human being. That might not sound like much, but it often doesn’t happen when managers are doing their jobs. Be careful not to make people feel like they’re worthless.

Handling Attendance Matters Incorrectly

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When an employee has time off, it can be disruptive for the business. But you shouldn’t be too harsh when dealing with these issues. It’s easy to jump the gun and discipline people for things that aren’t their fault. Things like employee time tracking should be used to ensure that you always have correct and accurate data available. That way, you won’t make as many unhelpful mistakes.

Not Making Opinions Valued

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People should feel able to voice their opinions and be open about how they feel regarding various situations in the office. If that’s not the case, it will simply cause more problems for you. Make sure that when someone airs an opinion or comes forward with a new idea, they’re listened to and respected. It’s so easy to just ignore people when you have a whole team to manage, but that’s never going to result in positive outcomes.

Taking Sides in Disputes

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When there is an ongoing office dispute, you do need to step in and sort the issue out. But when you do that, you don’t want to make the mistake of taking sides. If it starts to look like you are favouring one person or one group or people over others, it will simply cause further disharmony in the office. That’s the last thing you want, but this is a mistake that so often gets made. It’s a trap you’ll have to work hard not to fall into.

Trying to be Everyone’s Best Friend

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As a boss, you need to respect your position. Of course, you should deal with people in a friendly manner and always be open and helpful. However, that’s not quite the same as being everyone’s best friend. This is what some office managers try to be, but it rarely turns out the way you want it to. It can backfire and confuse situations in some instances, and that’s something to be aware of.

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Managing a team of employees has never been an easy task, and frankly, it never will be. But you can do better by ensuring you don’t make the mistakes highlighted above.

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