Why Have A Home When You Can Have A Geek Haven

There isn’t a geek on the planet that is happy having old generation gizmos, gadgets and whatever else falls into the column of Awesome Entertainment Thingys. We want… no… We need to have the most state of the art innovations that this sector has to offer because it is who we are. It is that thing that gets us out of bed in the morning (even if we secretly hope advancements in tech will make getting out of bed totally redundant in the not so distant future).

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As it stands, though, we have to get out of bed. It is just something we need to deal with for now. However, we can limit how far we have to walk, crawl or stumble by making sure we have the ultimate geek toys any home can have; the kind that will make all our nerd-buddies want to come and hang out at our place.

With that in mind, we have pulled together a list of our geek favorites that you need in your home, a list of absolute must-haves in technological awesomeness that may see you leave your bed, but not your home. Enjoy.

VR Headset

The Future of the Gaming Industry

The world is going totally nuts for Virtual Reality headsets right now, with everyone from Playstation to Samsung and Oculus to Google dipping their toes in this realm. That is because VR headsets provide something truly wonderful and that is a totally immersive entertainment experience that offers you 360-degree viewing, whether it be films, video games or just wondering what somewhere on the other side of the world looks like. That said, there is one big problem, and that’s is knowing which headset to invest in. You want the best, but that’s tricky to establish as they each offer something totally badass in their own unique way. That said, the award for the best VR headset overall has to go to the HTC Vive, which is simply epic.

Arcade Coffee Table

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True geeks appreciate where we have come from in the world of entertainment, as much as where we are heading, which is why you need to pull together your pennies and invest in the Nucleus contemporary arcade coffee table. For starters, it looks so good. The real wood frame is made from solid oak and gloss-black panels are just something to behold and celebrate as decor genius. But the real gem is the fact this table lets you relive your youth as it has a ton of classic arcade games built into it and a hidden control panel tucked away. It also lets you install your own games while streaming Netflix, prime and Spotify are all totally possible too, thanks to its 32” LCD display. Basically, it is cool; very cool.

Ultimate Home Cinema

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There is nothing special about having the latest PS4 release, Xbox game, sci-fi movie or, dare we say, sports entertainment channels if all of your friends have got them too. You are just another person with an unhealthy addiction to state of the art tech. What will set you apart, however, is having a home cinema on which to watch and play these releases.

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Sure, some people may say that this is a slightly warped and disturbed way to decorate your living room, but we both know that there is nothing better than having the best seat in the house, while being able to watch your favourite films and play your favourite games on a cinema-sized screen, in 4K with surround sound blaring.

A Modular Console

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Don’t get us wrong, there are better consoles out there when it comes to ability, graphics and just general playing experience, but only the Nintendo Switch can claim to be modular, which is about as state of the art as it gets. Companies have tried to make consoles mobile before, but have never been successful, which is what makes the Switch a must-have. You can play it at home, on the bus, in the airport, during class, in toilets at work, wherever you fancy. It is also going to give you a glorious sense of nostalgia as you play all those first-party games you fell in love with – Zelda, Mario Kart, Arms etc.

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The other awesome benefit of going down the Switch route is you can import games from anywhere. Yup, it doesn’t matter where they were originally sold, you can grab them and play them. It could even be that you import the actual console from elsewhere and get your games locally. However you go about it, the point is Nintendo has become less strict, which is seriously cool to see.

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