How To Get The Best Out Of Your Gaming Experience

We love playing console games and we’re proud of it. Millions of people do and millions of people can’t be wrong, especially given how good games have got over the past decade. Call of Duty has transformed first-person shooters, Grand Theft Auto has reinvented what it means to have a totally explorable landscape and Project Cars has proved how immense the detail can be when it comes to driving games. Games are insanely awesome these days.

But it isn’t just the games themselves that have become incredible, it is everything around them too. TVs have become so wide it is like having a cinema screen in your living room. Surround sound systems let you think you are actually there, wrestling in the stadium or shooting up the lobby. High definition keeps getting higher and higher. All of it adds to the whole gaming experience.

However, there is one thing that tends to let down the gaming experience, and that is us. We appreciate how good games have got without adding to the experience from our end. Yes, we mean creating the ultimate environment, we mean creating a gaming den. Playing in the living room is okay and sitting at the end of your bed is fine, but why not increase the ante a bit. Go the full hog. Get the most out of these productions by getting the most out of your surroundings.

If you don’t know how to do this, though, that’s fine, because we do, and we’re going to share that knowledge with you right now.

Step 1: The Room

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Without the perfect room you cannot create the perfect den, so take a look around your house and decide on what you believe the most suitable to be. Remember, you don’t want to be infringing on other people. However, you also don’t want other people to be infringing on you either. As a starting point, we recommend you explore three main areas for expansion. These are the cellar (which can become the ultimate man cave), the attic (which will offer total privacy) or a spare bedroom (especially if it is currently being used as a glorified storage space. If you don’t have these, then move to a new house. If you are still living with your parents, then convince them to move.

Step 2: The Budget

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There is no point moving forward with your ultimate gaming plans without knowing what your limitations are. It could be that you can afford to go straight into a huge transformation, however it could be that you need to plan a strategy that sees you create your haven spending only a few cents at a time. If you’re unhappy with your budget, then why not look at ways in which you can increase your funds, by which we mean holding a yard sale, selling old gadgets and games, or pawning off furniture from other rooms. After all, once your gaming palace is complete you won’t be using any other part of your house.

Step 3: The List

Planning the best game room ever

Don’t try and remember everything you want. No. Write it down. Put it into a list form so that you can prioritise certain things and tick items off once you have them. It will be tempting to want incredibly unrealistic things like a 42ft fish tank complete with RC submarine and friendly shark, but try and stick to the more necessary things, like a better internet router to improve online playing. If you’re not sure what the best internet router in your budget is then look at the modem router combo guide and decide which pros you can’t live without. Other things that probably fall into this category are new gaming chair, new sofas, new consoles, a larger computer monitor, a larger TV screen, new games and a new sound system. They would all be great additions to any games lair. Once you have thought about you, and all of your needs, then think about things that will make your holy sanctuary a place for your friends to migrate to. This means sofas, chairs, foosball tables, dart boards, pool and maybe even an old arcade-style machine. This is your ultimate gaming den, and it should be shared with the world.

Step 4: The Deals

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The best thing about the internet is that it gives you the chance to look for the best deals and read plenty of reviews before you buy. So go and seek out some fantastic deals. Work down your list of wanted goods and see what the best price is. This could mean exploring local games shops, or furniture stores. It could be eBay or Craigslist. Amazon may have some fantastic sales going on. It could also mean that you join a local selling page on Facebook. However, knowing where to look is just half the game, because it could be a matter of timing your purchases too. So, if you can wait for Black Friday then wait. If you can hang on until the summer sales kick off then hang on until then because you could make some massive savings that will allow you to extend your wish list to include that 42ft fishtank.

Step 5: The Decoration

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A great gaming den isn’t just about what you fill your space with but how you decorate that space too. So get the paint out. Buy some cool retro wallpaper. Get rid of any junk you don’t need, such as that pile of rat poison in the corner, and replace it with a full-size R2D2 that doubles up as a beer cooler. Another inclusion into the decorating category is logistics, and more specifically where your electrical goods are going to go. It could be that you need to invest in some extension cables if you’re going to have your console and screen on that wall, or it may be that you are going to need to have an adapter if you want that 5ft lava lamp you bought from some dodgy European website to work. The more you consider, the better the transition into ultimate gaming room will be.

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