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How and Why Players Flock to Certain Games

These days, success in the video gaming industry can be spectacular, but it isn’t guaranteed. Even established developers, like World of Warcraft and recent Microsoft acquisition Blizzard, can go through


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13 Super Cool Ways To Personalize Your Home Decor

Personalizing your home decor is a wonderful way of showing off your personality and making your home something all your own. Copying decor ideas from Pinterest and magazines is fine,


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The Power of the Smart Home: Are Light Switches Becoming Obsolete?

We reach for them without thinking, and we use them without so much as a glance, but now light switches may soon become a thing of the past. Yes, it’s


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Home and Electronics Appliances – Guide to Buy a Right Television Set

A house or a living room seems incomplete without a TV screen. A set of entertainment is an important asset at your home. However, shopping a TV would not be


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Dolby Vs. DTS 5.1 Surround Sound: Which Delivers Better Home Theater Sound?

The Dolby vs. DTS 5.1 surround sound argument is a hotly debated issue that’s been at the forefront of many audiophile discussions. Some people are of the opinion that DTS



Why Have A Home When You Can Have A Geek Haven

There isn’t a geek on the planet that is happy having old generation gizmos, gadgets and whatever else falls into the column of Awesome Entertainment Thingys. We want… no… We