Learning to Delegate Authority

We like feeling like we’re in control in ways big and small. If we’re at a restaurant, we want to order our own meal rather than have our date try and do it for us. As teenagers, we wanted to pick our own college rather than have our parents do it for us. And as working adults, we want to control as much as possible about our office environment and the people we work with, because we fear that if we lose too much control, then our work will suffer and everything will go downhill.

Are You Ready To Be The Boss?

However, that need to be in control has its limits. We can’t be everywhere all the time. That’s especially true if we’re managing a team at work, or even an entire business. At some point, we’re going to have to learn how to hand off the reins to someone else and say, “I trust you to do what needs to be done.” Delegating authority is a skill almost everyone has to learn at some point or another.

Get an assistant

Is Your Startup Truly Ready For Growth?

One of the biggest things you can do to lessen the workload is hiring an assistant. There’s a reason why everyone from Oscar-winning actors to business moguls have assistants, be they classified as “personal” or “executive.” There are several types of assistants, but some of the best ones do a great job of sifting through all the stuff that comes your way and making sure you only hear or see about the most important things.

When And How To Outsource Microtasks (For Freelancers)

A random person calling your office and rambling on and on about the Illuminati? Not important? Your spouse calling because one of the kids might have to go to the hospital with pneumonia? Very important. A good assistant is worth his or her weight in gold. If the idea of having an assistant hovering around you all day makes you anxious, go online and search for “virtual assistant” or “virtual assistant near me.”

Edging Closer To The Dotted Line

There are companies who specialize in providing growing businesses with assistants who work remotely. The best assistants are both efficient, trustworthy, and not afraid to to stand up to people who might try to run them over in an effort to get to you.

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First Time Business Owner? Things You Should Incorporate Into Your Business

There are so many books about business written by successful businessmen and women. In fact, some bookstores devote an entire section to such publications. Not all of the books will work. Some are actually written by the people whose name is on the front cover, while others are ghostwritten by professional writers who talk to the famous person and then translate those thoughts into a readable narrative.

Ingénue to Industry Expert: How To Launch Your Online Business

There’s also a wealth of advice and information online that teaches you how to be assertive and ambitious without burning out. You can find everything you need, whether it’s wisdom from a serial entrepreneur, meditations from a music mogul, or advice from a legend of Silicon Valley. Books are especially great, because they help you get out of your own head and into the mind of someone else. A new perspective might be all you need to loosen up a bit and start letting other people in your office take on projects that they’re more than capable of handling.

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