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4 Ways to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Store

We usually think that a store’s success or failure depends on the quality of the products that they sell. Yet, while this does play a big role, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The appearance and overall feel of the store also play a deciding role, too. It’ll be much easier to have success if you have a presentable and well-decorated store, as opposed to one where no consideration has gone into the aesthetic appeal of the store. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few tried and tested methods for improving the look and feel of your real-world shop. 

Presentable Exteriors

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Many shop owners focus all of their energies on making sure that the inside of their store is on-point, but it’s also important to focus on the exterior, too. This, after all, is where the first impressions of your customers will be formed. While it’s probable that the land outside of your store is public, there are some things you can do to improve the look. For example, you can ensure that your store is well signposted and that the window display is well put together and topical (it should be changed every six weeks or so). 


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Lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your store. The type of lighting you choose will depend on the type of products you sell. If you’re a business that sells professional goods, then something like 4 ft LED shop lights are recommended, since they’ll provide a lot of illumination. If you’re selling luxury products, then low and atmospheric lighting will be better. Whatever lighting you choose, remember to stay on top of things to ensure that all the bulbs are working and so on. A broken light is something that quickly makes a store look a little unprofessional. 

Fully-Stocked Goods

You’ll hope that your products will fly off the shelf, but it’s not as if you should sell-out. Some shop owners decide to play things safe by buying limited stock, but it’s important to think about how this will impact your store. People are used to seeing an abundance of options on the shelves or on the racks, and if they don’t exist, then your store will look a little bare. Additionally, if you have a few items, then people may make a subconscious decision not to return in the future, since the range of options is so limited. 

The Right Temperature

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If you want to encourage people to browse your store, then you’ve got to make it the right temperature. People aren’t going to stick around if it’s too warm or too cold in your store. On some days, you’ll find that people actively decide to stay in your shop if the conditions are right — and the longer they’re there, the greater the chance that they’ll buy something. Another way to make your store more agreeable is to add incense or a plug-in diffuser. It’s subtle but does make a difference.  

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