8 Ways To Transform a Coworking Space Into Something Amazing

If you have to share your environment with a coworker, it’s not the end of the world. However, when your tastes clash, it can bleed over into your productivity.

Planning how you want the office to look should be a blend of integrated culture, professionalism, and the overall wellness of everyone involved.

To make this happen, use these 8 tips that will turn your coworking space into an amazing place to get the job done.

1. Designate Boundaries

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Did you ever have to share your room with a sibling as a child? Without boundaries, there was probably a lot of arguing about who was stepping on whose territory.

Coworking is kind of the same thing, only with adults. Before you start personalizing the office space and making it your own, be sure someone else hasn’t “claimed” part of that area already.

2. Collaborate on Ideas

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Your favorite decor could be something your coworker despises. If you decorate with it anyway, you could be sending off the wrong vibe that you don’t care what other people think.

Together, you and your coworkers can collaborate on ideas for decor that make everyone happy.

3. Check the Furniture

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If you’re using a computer for most of the day or sitting at a desk, the chair and desk should be comfortable.

Ergonomically friendly office furniture is easy to find, and it can make a huge difference in your overall health. Keep in mind that your chair is going to roll into your coworker’s space occasionally, and a messy desk clutters the entire office, not just your area.

4. Consider the Noise

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Some businesses allow employees to listen to music or talk while they work. If the background noise doesn’t distract anyone, it’s not a problem. But before you start jamming out to your favorite tunes or calling your friend for a chat, politely ask your coworker if the noise would bother them.

Headphones are a potential solution; however, they can also keep you from hearing other employees or your boss when they’re talking to you.

5. Upgrade Your Software

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You’re working in the same area with your coworkers. That doesn’t mean you want to verbalize every issue you have.

Maybe the WiFi is down, and you want to know if everyone else is having a problem, too. With the best coworking software, you can shoot a message over to your coworkers quickly, even without wireless connectivity.

6. Treat Yourself (and Your Coworker)

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Your elementary teachers probably taught you that it was rude to bring in candy if you weren’t going to share it with everyone. The same theory applies as adults in a shared working space.

You don’t have to pay for everyone to enjoy the treats you have. Still, if you’re going to the coffee shop anyway, it’s nice to offer to pick up something for everyone, as long as they’re going to pay you back.

7. Bring in Greenery

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Plants are scientifically proven to increase productivity in a small environment. They promote healthier overall wellness, too, by purifying the air around them.

One small plant tucked in the corner of your office can make a huge difference in the quality of the air. It also makes the room look cozier.

8. Get Organized

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Clutter impacts our brains, even when we don’t realize it. You may be able to work in a mess, but your coworkers might not.

The better organized you are, the more productive you’ll be, and the less stress your brain has trying to sort out what’s important, and what’s junk.

With these 8 tips guiding your coworking space transformation, the end result is sure to be something incredible you all can enjoy.


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