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All You Need to Know about the LED Bay Lights Business

LED bay lighters consist of led emitters mounted on a flexible circuit board. Circuit Board comes in a long reel which can be cut according to our needs. It has a variant of colors and brightness to choose from. Works on DC power supply.

It has become new in lighting your space smartly. It comes with a flexible circuit board so that we can mount it on any uneven surface. Cut according to the length and a copper insulator is mounted on the circuit board through which current passes.

Adhesive back to stick it around any surface.

About LED bay business

50 Years of LED Technology

LED bay lights have become a smart lighting system in your residents or any commercial spaces.

When used innovatively you can transform the decor into a high-end lighting experience. 

Let us see some benefits in doing 150 watt LED high bay light business and how to do the business effectively.


To get that perfect LED bay lighters you need to have the following materials to invest

  • Milliwatt led chip
  • Circuit board of filter circuit
  • Plastic modules
  • Smoking reflectors
  • Metallic cap holder
  • Soldering flux
  • Heat sink devices
  • Packaging material

With special equipment and machines, small entrepreneurs can do this LED bay lighters business.

Why LED strips?

Power consumption

Its energy efficiency is best compared to conventional lights. It requires low energy consumption for the bright look which in turn low electricity bill.


By considering the usual lights LED bay lighters to come with a longer stay. It lights up to 17 years brightly compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Installing with aluminum staples its lifespan is determined. Proper diffuser to give you the perfect light quality for eyes.


Neglecting the Little Things Could Harm Your Business

With every LED bay comes a kit with plug-and-play remote control, and requires length wire.

While installing for a smaller and curvy area you can cut through the cut line given in every 2-inch space. So easily it gets mounted on the wall or the space you are mounting.

It comes with a connector that gives you a professional look after installation.

Factors to be consider 

The area you are going to work with is these LED bay lighters. If you are going to be in an area where water flow is continuous you need to see the water-resistant capacity of the lighters.

Ingress protection is water-resistant where a silicon body is given to restrict the entry of dust and water inside. So according to the water age, we can select the ingress protection led.

LED brightness

How Important is Lighting at Your Working Desk? 3 Tips for College Students to Upgrade Their Workspace

With upgrading in the lighting system the brightness is the first factor to be seen by the customer. so giving a brightness they expect is our work.

Selecting a LED with emitting diodes which is small but gives us bright light.

The brightness is measured by lumens and watts. So the LED bay lighters hold how many lumens matter. It can give us the brightness we need 

Varied colors

LED bay lighters come in many color variants.

Single Colour – Depends upon the length this comes with two voltages.

  •  12V or 24V in red, green, blue, pink
  •  warm (3000K), cool (6000K), and daylight (4000K) white color temperatures.
  •   This LED bay light is ideal for general lighting applications. 
  • According to  power requirement intensity is from 4.8W to 14.4W

Dual Colour – sequenced warm and cool white LED.

4W strip light is used in all domestic applications and a wide range of commercial settings. 

1020 lumens light is the equivalent of an 80W traditional bulb.

RGB Colour 

12v – This LED bay light is 2W and 14.4W. Color-changing capacities have been employed primarily, in both household and marketable settings.

Lighting business

How Two Entrepreneurs Found An LED Lighting Niche And Built A Booming Business

Taking into consideration its easy installation, a wide variety of colors and easy maintenance, this lighting has become a trend and its business growth is going up simultaneously for the small start-up companies.

Without any complicated technology and equipment requirements, these LED bay lighters are easy to install and handle in all your household and commercial spaces.

A small circuit board with a powerful throw of lights in your space gives an aesthetic look. Investing in these lights is the best one to do this time while comparing the energy consumption and longevity of the conventional lights.

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