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How Important is Lighting at Your Working Desk? 3 Tips for College Students to Upgrade Their Workspace

It is hard to find something as important for a modern college student as the workplace since it creates an environment where one studies, watches Netflix movies or spends hours busy posting replies via social media websites. The practice shows that even if there is some discomfort or a lack of space, most students learn to live with limitations and rarely upgrade their workspace with proper lighting, helpful accessories or change the way the furniture is located. A reason for that is that most people simply don’t know how or what to change in order to see the improvement. If the lighting is poor, it leads to frequent headaches as the eyes do not catch enough light to support the attention centers. The sufficient amount of light in the workplace not only takes away eye strain but also improves productivity and helps the brainwaves function in a totally different way. 

3 Tips to Upgrade Your College Workspace 

  • Add more light! Even if you think that there is enough light to keep you going through the next semester, there is always something you can change to add even more comfort. One such secret solution is adding a LED panel that may be applied literally anywhere and even be powered by the batteries. The LED surface is universal for most desks and spaces, so it is possible to use it as a supporting light that is used only when you need it or if you are reading through some book that is located far from your laptop. Alternatively, you can add a USB-powered lamp that sticks right to the top of your monitor or rests upon your desk if you wish so. These come in all shapes and designs, so you can choose to one’s heart’s content until you find something that fits the girlie style or a macho type aesthetics! 
  • Choose a better chair! You may get used to what you currently have, yet do not ignore a chance to find something better or test the chairs at the local shop. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer or need a chair that fits well for playing the guitar or resting your back after the classes, you need something special. While the chair or a stool is not a part of a desk per se, finding the one that fits makes a major difference. Look out for the lower back support and sides adjustability, so your hands and arms can rest well, check the presence of a wheelbase, and the breathable fabric. Even if the lighting is sufficient and the desk is comfortable, a chair that does not fit your body shape or adds any kind of discomfort is a problem because your brain constantly fights the fatigue. 

Now before we proceed further with any desk improvements, it is crucial to mention the mental state of an average student because the environment alone cannot be held responsible for the good or the low grades. In other words, knowing how to learn without stress is equally important in this complex equation. Some students choose sports or music to relax, yet they still need to finish their homework duties, therefore, sometimes they use writing service edubirdie and get their good grades. Indeed, once a person receives some professional help or simply checks writing for plagiarism issues, things always look brighter as the stress levels decrease. Moreover, it also increases focus and creativity! 

  • Meet the artist! Since being creative has been mentioned, explore the ways to improve your working desk by adding family members’ pictures, shiny accessories, your beloved childhood toys or even smart electronic devices that will alert you of upcoming deadlines or notify about cooking times. If there is some free space, hang pictures on the walls, add some posters in the 80s style or turn your room into the next Star Wars episode if you feel like it. There is no limit to such ideas as long as you keep things safe and tidy. Once it makes you smile and warms the heart, you are on the right path! 

What are College Distractions? 

Everything is perfect, there is enough light, the chair is comfortable, and even the books are all sorted and ready for the next assignment. Still, why is there irritation that attacks and confuses us? It happens because there are inevitable distractions even in the best college campus rooms. These include noisy roommates, phone messages, Facebook or Instagram posts, lack of confidence or even inability to start writing. First of all, everyone goes through this at least once and there is nothing to stress about. You can switch off the phone, allocate 15 minutes limit to social media, study at the local library where people usually keep quiet and build up your self-esteem by practicing good social skills. Fighting the distractions may sound impossible, yet it takes discipline and readiness to follow a certain schedule where the most important tasks come first. Think about what really matters! 


Exploring all the sides of education and learning in a healthy environment, Connie constantly seeks ways to make things fun and inspiring. Her posts teach an important lesson about creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. Follow her to find out how college life and learning can easily become more fun! 

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