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Moving Into A New Home? These Are The Things You Need To Do

People tend to think that moving into a new home is all about packing and unpacking. But settling in, and turning a new house into a home, requires far more than moving a few boxes with your belongings from place x to place y.

As local apartment movers, we have gathered the wisdom of years of moving experience and have put together a list of essential things you need to do to finally feel at home. California is the sunshine state, so why stress about the move when you can follow these tips instead, and kick back and relax, enjoying the sun al fresco?

Before The Move In Day

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1.  Make Sure Your Utilities Are Up And Running

It is paramount that you have your water, electricity, and gas utilities connected and running before you even move in. If you have teenagers tugging along, do yourself a great favor and connect to the internet as well. It will save you from their complaints and keep them busy on the actual moving day while you spend time setting everything up.

When moving to another state, it is good to check the average utility rates. As they fluctuate from state to state, you need to be aware beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises that will take you out of your budget. Check this article here to find out more about all the costs involved in a long-distance move.

2.  Arrange For Garbage Pick Up

What Do I Need to Do Before I Move into a New Place?

Arranging for garbage pick up is one of those things that may slip your mind but can be a hassle to arrange once you have moved in. So take note to include garbage pick on your to-do list before settling in.

3.  Locate Fuse Box And Water Valve

When moving into a new home, anything can happen. So on the unfortunate occasion that your power goes out or a faucet breaks and a pipe leaks during move-in day, you need to know where to find your fuse box and water valve immediately. Locating them ahead of time can save you from a lot of trouble should the unexpected happen.

4.  Do A Thorough Clean Up

Cleaning an empty house is much easier than cleaning one full of boxes, packages, and furniture. Before the move-in day, do a thorough clean-up so that once the moving truck comes, you can unload everything and place it where it should go. Clean cupboards and wardrobes so that your kitchen utensils and clothes can immediately be stored instead of lying around in boxes, hampering your way and cluttering your space.

5.  Arrange For Repairs

It is easier to have things repaired before moving into the house, so arrange for repairs before the move-in day. Have a thorough inspection around the house, prioritize repairs as they need to be done, and have everything ready before your move-in day.

6.  Change Your Locks

If you are buying a house from a previous owner, make sure that you change your locks before moving any of your belongings in the house, and certainly, before you and your family settle in. Even if you trust the previous owner, you never really know who may have a key.

During The Move In Day

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1.  Do A Walkthrough

Now is the best time to do a complete walkthrough of your new house. Before you even unload the moving truck, take a close look around. As the house is empty, you will be able to double-check that everything is in pristine condition and that all your sale contract terms have been kept. Is everything included in the sale present in the house? Are outlets, switches, and fixtures working? Has the previous owner made all the agreed-upon repairs? If you find that the terms of your contract have been violated, call your realtor immediately and decide on your next steps. Of course, you may even discover issues not included in your contract, but it helps to know what they are and resolve them before the unpacking business ensues.

2.  Ensure Your New House is Child/Pet Proof

When the house is completely empty, it is easier to pick on areas that need to be child or pet-proofed. Little children and curious four-legged friends will explore the new premises, oblivious to potential dangers. Therefore, it is crucial that you do an initial check and make sure that your house is safe until you can have your full setup in place. Check things like open windows and loose cords hanging from blinds. If you can, create a risk-free zone for your little ones to roam around and keep them away from boxes and box cutters.

3.  Plan Ahead

Now that your house is completely empty, and before you even unload the moving track, plan ahead. Make a mental plan of what goes where, and move it to the right room before unpacking it. Do not just dump everything in the living room, particularly large furniture. You will make your life a lot easier if you know ahead of time where everything goes.

After The Move In Day

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1.  Check Your Belongings

Now that you have settled in, it is time to check your belongings. Check your furniture for any scratches or other damages incurred during the move. Moving an entire household can be very tricky, and it is easy for things to go awry. Objects may break, and furnishings damaged. This is why it is crucial that you have a moving insurance in place.

2.  Change Your Address

Nothing is more annoying than having your bills and important mail delivered to your old address. If you are moving to another state, retrieving such correspondence may be highly complicated. So make sure that you change your mailing address as soon as you move in.

3.  Meet Your Neighbors

Now is the time to meet your neighbors and get yourself acquainted with your new neighborhood. Invite them over for a drink, and enjoy your new house – now turned into a home.

Moving into a new home can be a daunting task. Especially when moving into a big state like California. Sometimes, it can turn into a logistical nightmare. However, if you hire a trusted moving company, you can rest assured that they will guide you through the process, and make moving into your new home flow seamlessly without any unexpected surprises.

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