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Solutions To Help First-Year College Students Excel Academically

Some students made it through their elementary, middle, and high school years without much studying. As learning came naturally, they could get by reviewing content once or completing an assignment moments before it was due and still get a good grade. Although it’s nice that they didn’t have to struggle much throughout the educational experience, their lack of studying habits could cause an issue once they get to college. 

The subject matters are more complex in college, and the workload is extensive. Many students that excelled in previous years often find that their grades suffer the first few semesters. Worse grades could result in a blow to their confidence, which alters their experience at college. Fortunately, there are solutions to build stronger study habits. Continue reading for advice. 


How to Ace Your Next School Year

Whether you use the calendar on your smartphone or provided by the university, this time management tool can help you stay on task. Creating events and reminders will help you keep track of assignments to make time to study and turn them in on time. 

Task Management Apps

College professors often assign large projects at the beginning of a semester that will take several weeks or even months to complete. Waiting until the last minute to start the project could result in undue stress, careless mistakes, and late submissions. That’s why college students should use a task management application. They can create projects, break them up into smaller assignments, and collaborate with classmates or study partners to ensure they stay on track. 

Note-Taking Apps

Note-taking can be quite the chore between the long-winded lectures and extensive chapters in course books. You start scribbling thoughts and questions on pieces of paper. Then, you get back to your dorm and have no idea what they mean or how to organize the notes. Of course, that makes studying more challenging. Fortunately, you can use solutions like Evernote Cornell Notes to make things easier. 

Accountability Partners

How to Build New Habits With An Accountability Partner

There are so many distractions in college that can cause you to procrastinate on your studies or overlook them altogether. While learning how to find balance and be disciplined is ideal, sometimes having an accountability partner can help. Find someone that you know to help you stay on track. It can be a student in the same degree program as you or a friend or family member from home. Express your goals, share your assignments, and ask them to check in on you occasionally to ensure you’re staying on track. 

Study Groups

If studying alone isn’t practical, you can always join or start a study group in college. When you collaborate with students in the same classes or degree programs, you have more resources to draw from. One person may be better at math, while another is better at history. Someone may take better notes, while another student may be great with research. When you put your skills together, you can develop a studying strategy that helps you get better grades. 

Tutors And Professors

Benefits of Tutors for Students in College

If you’re still having problems studying or maintaining good grades, perhaps you need additional assistance from a tutor or your professors. Many college campuses offer free tutoring services to students in need. You can also work with a tutor online if you feel more comfortable. As for working with your professor, contact them to find out when they have after-hours or tutorials where they offer additional assistance to students. Working in a smaller or one-on-one setting with your professor can help you understand the course materials more efficiently. 

The first year of college is often a shell shock for many students. While you may have breezed through elementary, middle, and high school, college is often a much more complicated experience. If you’re concerned about dropping grades or poor study habits, the above resources can assist you in getting through common obstacles. As time passes, you’ll develop healthy habits that help you stay on top of your studies and succeed in your first year and beyond. 

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