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Top Tips to Boost Your College Admission Applications

As you near the end of your high school career and look to the future it’s an exciting and scary time. Probably for the first time you’re really having to think about life as an adult out in the world. The decisions you make now can have a long-lasting impact on the rest of your life. As such, getting your college applications just right is vital, so here we’ll discuss ways to boost your admission applications.

Sell Yourself

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Your admissions essay is your chance to sell yourself to college admissions staff. These essays are vital in making your application stand out from thousands of other applications by students with grades as good or better than you. Infuse your essay with passion, while keeping it concise so that the reader stays engaged and feels your energy. While it’s tempting to embellish the truth, try to keep the facts truthful. Good writing will sell a story better than fanciful lies.

Make Wise Use of Extra-Curricular Activities

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Yale Admissions are not just looking at your impeccable grades and SAT results, they are also looking at what your extra-curriculars say about you. They are looking for activities that show case your passion to your preferred field, with leadership roles favorable. Working well with others is also important, so not a load of solo activities, but group projects and team sports. Admissions departments also look at quality rather than quantity, so don’t be tempted to take part in everything going, as dedication and staying power is preferred.


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Volunteering opportunities go hand in hand with extra-curricular activities but are treated as a separate thing. Therefore, it looks good on your college applications to have these listed separately. If you have a definitive career path in mind opt for voluntary roles that are in that vicinity, such as volunteering in a hospital if you’re interested in medicine. Volunteering is an excellent way to showcase your community involvement are well. Admissions officers look favorably on this as they want to see you’ll fit into the college community.

Letters of Recommendation

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Colleges want to hear from other reliable people what sort of person they think you are. Your ability to talk yourself up is important, but this needs to be backed up by others you’ve dealt with. Your school guidance counsellor is a good place to start, as they will be able to vouch for your academic record and how you fit into the school community. Other good sources of letters of recommendation are leaders of volunteer and extra-curricular activities, such as your swim coach.

Work Hard

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Don’t forget that first and foremost, your GPA will be the first thing that college admissions people look at. All the extra things are there to compliment your GPA. If it looks like you’re spending to much energy outside of the classroom and not keeping your grades up, colleges won’t want to take you on. Push yourself academically, take AP classes where possible and learn to find the work/life balance early so that you present as a well-rounded individual.

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