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How to Use Online Tools to Students Make Life Easier

Teenagers are spending a whopping 9 hours a day glued to their screens. They are scrolling through social media, watching videos, playing games, and listening to music, reported the West Virginia Education Association. With the countless platforms at their disposal, it is easy for students to spend their day online, without actually doing anything productive. But, there are some practical online tools for students that can turn the tide. We decided to compile a list of tools that make life easier for studying and building a career.

Tool No. 1: Grammarly for Polishing Your Content

Students constantly have to create original assignments. They need to be pretty good at coming up with concepts and researching ideas before they can execute an essay. Grammarly is a highly accurate option for customizing and correcting texts in real-time. The free version may be a little limited, but the explanations are easy to understand and simple to use.

Also, when working on different school projects, having a generator tool that creates a title can come in handy. One of the best online tools that can make life easier for students is the free essay title generator to inspire your own essay. Using a title generator can cut down some of the brainpower and time needed to come up with headlines. 

Even if the generator tool isn’t perfect, it can be a solid stepping stone to the final headline. When you pair that with Grammarly, you can create some amazing content. Grammarly highlights all the grammar errors that are easy to overlook. The program is designed to detect various syntax, spelling, and vocabulary errors. These benefits make it one of the best tools for college students.

Tool No. 2: GoConqr a Tool for Building Knowledge

GoConqr is a well-designed tool for students. Whether they have an essay to write or a project to prepare, students can rely on this tool to take part in a collaborative study group and solve complex subjects. Packed with 25 million resources, it offers share learning and building knowledge. That includes:

–        Notes

–        Courses

–        Mind maps

–        Flashcards

–        Quizzes

–        Flowcharts

–        Slides

This bundle of educational content can be used by companies, learners, educators, and institutions. For instance, users can make the most of the mind maps when breaking down goals to create a visual learning guide. While learners get access to practical videos, articles, and other tools that can benefit any field of study.

Tool No. 3: Popplet to Make Sure Organizing Doesn’t Become a Hassle

Popplet is another practical tool for learning that has many uses. It helps students learn creatively and visually with better retention. It is one of those online tools for students you’ll never know you need until you give it a try. That’s because the tool is simple enough to help a kindergartner learn about shapes. And robust enough that offers high school students an option to map out historical timelines.

Tool No. 4: Explain Everything Whiteboard – The Powerhouse for Multimedia Presentations

Explain Everything, the digital whiteboard, raises $3.7 million to bring learning to the iPad

Other than writing an essay, students are expected to create good presentations. But, to impress a teacher, it’s best to use innovative apps that can take your project to the next level. This tool can create dynamic presentations packed with various types of media. Due to its convenience and versatility, the tool provides countless possibilities to digitally reimagine your presentation. Users can capture their voices and interactions to create engaging stories. That’s what makes it one of the best tools for students.

Tool No. 5: Focus Booster for Achieving Productivity With Time Tracking

Sometimes students have a lot on their plate and not enough hours in the day to do them. That’s where a time tracking app can help. You can list your daily projects and tasks, and track them. When the time is up, the app will let you know, so that you can take a breather. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can let the app take some of that stress off your shoulders. This is one of those tools that make life easier. With it, you can plan your time accordingly, so that you can have enough energy to focus on creating the projects that matter.

Final Thoughts

Today’s generation is lucky to have access to such practical, efficient, and convenient tools. Most of which are available for free. And what better way to improve your academic performance than with options such as these? Education is all about innovation and creativity. So, master the art of modern-day technology and use it to your advantage. The tools we selected are sure to keep you on the right track. Have you tried any of the options listed here? Is there another tool you would like to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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