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SyncMate Review: A Software to Sync Various devices and More

It’s been a herculean task to sync into devices on Mac, you know what is this in actual. An Eltima software named SyncMate is here to overcome your difficulty of syncing devices with Mac. However, it is an annoying thing that should be removed.

Do You Want to Know Syncmate?

In easy words, recommends a one-stop, drag, and drop solution of synchronizing different physical and virtual devices with your Mac. They might be android, iOS, and Mac computers. They also have virtually mounted cloud storage services like dropbox, google drive, etc many other devices including MTP devices.

There are many untrustworthy free solutions available to link with Mac. SyncMate is the single solution that that is trustworthy and without this no way. 

The Way of Working of SyncMate:

However, it has the ability to sync calendars, contacts, reminders, bookmarks from Safari, iTunes, and iPhoto. Moreover, it has the ability to copy SMS messages that you can read and also do search through. 

Therefore, it has another great option to delete all contacts, calendar events your to-do’s on an iOS device and Mac computer. Even you can flip through your iPhone’s call log directly on your Mac. Not only iOS but can also do the same thing to android devices. 

After syncing via Bluetooth, wifi, or USB, you have more desired functions of reading, creating, sending, or deleting android messages via Mac. 

If you are using SyncMate 7, you will get more options with this software. Moreover, you can get access to your personal data, media files, and bookmarks via Mac with SyncMate for android. In simple words, SyncMate can be used for mac as an alternative to android file transfer. 

Syncmate is available in two versions like SyncMate free and SyncMate expert. Let’s know which to pick for getting better functions. 

SyncMate Free:

If you choose the free version, you will get to connect with various devices. You can sync your contacts and calendar. Moreover, you can have background synchronizing, an activity log, even read your SMS.

SyncMate Expert:

Using this expert version of SyncMate you do all available in the free version. In it, you can sync videos, folders, send SMS from Mac, and export them from backup. You can also sync call history, multiple devices, to-do, and reminders, convert media files to popular formats, mount device as a disk, and backup data and much more. 

It won’t be wrong to say that SyncMate is software which is easy to use and set up as well. It is a good and quick solution to sync various devices.      

Now it’s time to know how to sync contacts from iPhone to Android. It was a time when syncing contacts from one mobile to another was quite difficult to do by manual typing.  It was a tiresome work to type single contact. 

In this period of life, smart phones have solved our problem and doing most of the work for us. Even, it can be done in a little time. Here we have some methods for you to sync contacts from iPhone to Android. So let’s know the best way to transfer the contacts to android devices. 

How to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

First of all, you can transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android through google account. For this, you need your Google account. If you don’t have, you can set up from google home page and can create the one. After creating your google account, take your iPhone and find the way to the mail, contacts, calendars. You can see them in the setting.

Now, by clicking on your login button enter into the account. Then iPhone will ask you which part of your google account you want to sync, select the contacts option and your iPhone and Android devices do sync contacts. 

Secondly, it is easy to sync contacts with iCloud if you have iCloud on your iPhone. You know this method is so quick and popular to sync contacts from these devices. It is very simple, just visit the iPhone settings and have the option to toggle for contacts. It will merge your device’s contacts with iCloud. 

These were two methods that I told you in this short article and the rest you can search on our site.

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