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Freelance Blogging – Leveraging Technology

Having a great blog theme and the will to get your first set of posts completed and shared across platforms is a huge part of the battle. But the war isn’t over. Being a top freelance blogger means more than just posting. It means knowing what you’re doing behind the scenes so you can make the most of your blogging efforts. Let’s look at leveraging technology for freelance bloggers. 

Centralize Your Media 

Drive-by Tips for Centralizing Your Content on the Internet

Centralizing your media (e.g., images, copy, video files, etc.) with easy to navigate software that promotes personalized cross channel sharing is… well, it’s good brand awareness (see the importance of brand awareness by clicking the link). What are we talking about? 

There’s nothing worse than an entrepreneurial spirit that allows itself to be pulled in twenty consecutive directions in quick succession. It happens all the time. New watermarks on images, a new logo, an ever-changing website design week to week, with different images and videos across pages in different formats. It all just looks so disjointed. What we’re talking about is undoing last week’s good work by meddling too much – freelance blogging entrepreneurs that fall into this trap have failed to understand brand awareness. 

Consistency is key. Align your look and your intentions in a way that readers can instantly recognize and understand. Without brand awareness, you will look amateur and lacking in style.

Get into analytics (if you haven’t already)

Is Your Blog Falling Flat?

Analytics is a scary word if you don’t come from a marketing background. It can sound like you’re putting together quarterly reports on the performance of your website. And in fact, that’s exactly the extent to which analytics can be used. But for freelance bloggers at the outset, it doesn’t need to be quite as in-depth as that.

Analytics can give you a snapshot of site visitors. When did your audience numbers spike? When you uploaded a video, perhaps? When do you receive the least traction from your blogging efforts? When you post in the middle of the night, maybe? There are a hundred ways you can use analytics to boost your understanding of where your decision making has yielded results and where your choices have been more wayward. Everything from which keywords perform well to your demographics can be learned and understood. Use this data to your advantage or miss out on huge opportunities to boost your blog’s visibility. 

Invest in a variety of camera stands and tripods

The Best Tripod for iPhones and Other Smartphones

This tip is less to do with digital tech and more to do with … well … camera stands and tripods. Being in-field and not having photography solutions to hand can be an instant bad luck charm that will follow you for the rest of the day and haunt your writing when it comes to typing up your adventure. If you didn’t get the picture because you didn’t have the correct stand for your camera, you will have to deal with the fact that other bloggers are better prepared and offer better content. Failure through unpreparedness is a bitter pill to swallow. Make sure you don’t let yourself down.

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