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8 Tools And Gadgets All Content Creators Should Have

Before the emergence of social media, the only people who created content were movie houses, musicians and music promoters, television stations, and radio stations. Now everybody and anybody can create cool content, even with bad quality and it goes viral. And it’s no secret how much we enjoy all the cool content on the internet. With the incessant desire of people to look into the private lives of others, content creation has become a common thing. But while some do it for fun, others have made it a profession. Whichever category you fall into, there are some gadgets that will add quality to your content, and here some of them.

1. A good smartphone 

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Everyone has a smartphone these days. But not all smartphones are powerful enough for a professional content creator. Even though a high-resolution camera is a must for your smartphone, it is not always about camera quality. For a vlogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, or any other digital content creator, your smartphone’s RAM and processor should be powerful. It should also have long battery life and a backup battery so that battery doesn’t become an issue when you have to spend long hours outdoors. Your smartphone should be capable of being your assistant on the road. You should easily do written content, make notes, edit images and videos, and connect to your clients on your smartphone. For impromptu photoshoots and live streaming, it should come handy.

2. A superior laptop or computer 


If you want to put out quality and exciting content for viewing pleasure, you cannot use just any laptop. The laptop you buy should have the latest processor and a RAM that is big enough. It should also have a GPU that is capable of running software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Some professional designers, vloggers, and YouTubers use high-resolution ultra-wide monitors. This gives them cutting edge content. Because most of their time is spent rendering and editing, these big screens monitors offer them more screen real estate. You, however, don’t need these monitors yourself to produce content. Apple monitors also have good quality and resolution so, if you’re a Mac user, you are good to go. A widescreen with LED-backlit is also a good fit for PC users. These high-spec, ultra-widescreen monitors may be quite expensive. So, if you are on a tight budget, you may consider building a dual monitor set-up to give the screen space you require without overspending.

3. Camera with a high resolution 

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera

Good content, especially videos and photos, have certain qualities that make them stand out. And generally, high resolution and high-quality videos and pictures require a good camera. The Fujifilm X-T200 is said to be the best. The reason being that it’s a mirrorless camera with great image quality, 4K video, and access to the amazing range of X-mount lenses. For cost-effective cameras, though, DSLRs are less expensive. Budget mirrorless cameras are more portable because of their size, and video capabilities are better for mirrorless models. Lenses also seem cheaper for DSLR systems. For outdoor blogging or travel content, an action camera like the GoPro Hero will be your best bet. And you will need a drone to capture aerial shots. Compact cameras like the CanonG7X, CanonSL2, and Sony A6600 budget cameras are good for beginner YouTubers and Instagrammers. If spending on a camera is out of your budget right now, then purchasing a smartphone with a high-quality camera capable of capturing video just like a DSLR will be a better option. After all, it’s good quality videos and pictures you want. If it can give you that, you’re good to go. 

4. Tripod

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A tripod is a must-have for any content creator. If you are going to be alone, you need to be able to operate your camera without someone else standing behind it when recording. With a tripod, blurry pictures, or shakiness that distorts images and videos are avoided making your content more stable and clearer. Experts recommend that a tripod’s height should match the height of the photographer. For travel bloggers, the tripod should be lightweight for portability’s sake.

5. A good microphone

Though some content creators may not need microphones, the majority do. If you’re going to be recording vocals for music, making vlogs or podcasts, then a good microphone is a necessity for your content. Most cameras have built-in microphones, but they are not capable of recording high-quality audio. What is the point in shooting a 4K video if the audio doesn’t match the quality of the video? Content creators use a variety of microphones, and Rode’s go-on camera shotgun microphone may be the most popular. The Blue Yeti USB microphone is another one. Both of these microphones are great for outdoor vlogging and for creating content for YouTube.

6. External storage

As a content creator who will be taking a lot of videos and pictures throughout the day, you can’t afford to not have backup memory. That’s because it is unlikely that your laptop will have enough space to store all your content. Since losing all the data you have spent your time producing will be a disaster, you might as well want to invest in an external hard drive. An external hard drive will also provide backup for everything else that you have on your computer.

7. An effective editing software 

Video editing software: The 17 best tools for 2020

Most content nowadays is made better and more appealing, with editing. To get your videos and pictures looking great in the way that you want them, you need good software. There are editing tools for audio, podcasts, and graphic design as well. 

8. Green screen

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In your journey as a content creator, you will be making a lot of videos and taking a lot of pictures. Not all your content will need outside surroundings, so having a little studio indoors will go a long way in adding class to your content. A green screen makes this possible for you as you can add any background you desire after shooting. For video podcasts, indoor photo shoots, or just a boring vlog, a green screen will work wonders for you.

To wrap up, getting these tools and gadgets will go a long way in making you produce some exciting content. Some of these gadgets are so nifty and on trend they can make good employee incentives at workplaces, or in competitions and prize draws. If you manage a team, you can visit to find out how you can use this and other methods to encourage them. 

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