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Gaming Safety: How Can You Stay Safe & Protected Online?

As we enter a new decade for gaming, there are millions of players around the world who are logging in online to play their favourite games. There are some exciting new games coming out in 2020 that gamers can enjoy, such as The Last of Us 2 and a Resident Evil 3 remake later this year. 

Whether you are playing single player or multiplayer, online gaming can come with a few hazards that gamers need to be aware of. Invasion of privacy, online bullying, running up unexpected or unplanned charges, or even feeling like you’re unable to quit gaming to attend to responsibilities, are just some hazards associated with online gaming. 

Gaming addiction is not just associated with video games but also online gambling too. Organisations such as BeGambleAware have useful guides and resources like tips for gambling safely that can help educate people on problem gambling. 

Protect your privacy

How online players can secure their privacy while gaming & streaming?

One of the most crucial factors to consider when you are gaming online is your privacy. If you are communicating with other players in-game, it is important to never reveal personal or private information online. It’s always important to protect your privacy even when you are live streaming on YouTube or Twitch, as you are streaming from your own home. If you are registering an online account, be sure that your username and in-game chat doesn’t reveal clues to your real name, age, place of work, or home address. 

When playing online games, even though you might think that other players are your friends, you should remember that other players may not be totally honest about who they are. To keep you free from harassment or online bullying, you can also block players too. If another player begins to engage in any behavior that you find abusive or that makes you uncomfortable, you should report them immediately. 

Be wary of in-game purchases 

How do I turn off in-app purchases for iPhone, iPad and Android?

Another hazard that players often encounter online are in-game purchases. These can start to become a problem when a player spends too much money on desirable add-ons for games such as extra lives, resources, or special bonuses. It can be all too tempting for some when they are in the middle of a game to ignore the prices of these add-ons and just keep purchasing them time and time again. It is therefore important to consider whether these in-game purchases are necessary and also be aware that it is real money that you are spending. 

Spending more than you intended to spend can become a particular problem when you’re playing online games like slots or blackjack. To make sure you don’t spend more than your budget, it’s a good idea to set financial limits for yourself. With online gaming, it is crucial to understand the importance of slots money management so that you are aware of how much you are spending and when you need to stop.

Take plenty of game breaks 

Scientists say you should play video games on your breaks at work

It’s very easy to get too involved with online gaming. Before you know it, you have been sitting at your computer or games console for hours playing game after game with friends. Staring at a screen for hours can take its toll on your eyesight and your posture. To avoid sitting for long periods of time it is important to take plenty of breaks so that you can stretch, get some food and water, and take a well needed rest. 

Whether you are gambling on online slot games or you are playing round after round on Call of Duty, it’s important to be aware of how gaming might start affecting your lifestyle. If you find that gaming takes over your family time, interrupts your sleep, or even makes you late for work then it is very important to reconsider your gaming habits. Keep aware of how online gaming impacts your daily activities and think about allocating an appropriate amount of time to gaming each week. 

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