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10 Best Apps for Students to Get Through a College Semester

The student time is incredibly busy and resourceful time. It’s the time when you need to be in time: to master and digest tons of knowledge, learn to live in a world of independence, fall in love, make friends, make victories over yourself and be aware of events both in the institute and in the world. I publish a short review of the most useful mobile applications that will help you cope with all tasks.

For learning foreign languages

1. IELTS Vocabulary

It is necessary if English is not your native language, and you need help with your college essay. IELTS Vocabulary contains vocabulary on different topics. You can see examples of the use of words and expressions and listen to the pronunciation. 

For memorization of material and convenient organization of work

2. Quizlet

I recommend that students use several mobile applications, among which one of the most convenient is Quizlet. It allows you to assimilate and memorize the necessary educational material, creating your own cards and learning modules. You can also choose ready-made learning modules from a million already created by other users. The application is free. Every month, over 20 million students use the resource because it is a leading application for learning foreign languages, history, vocabulary, and science in a simple and effective form. 

However, the mobile version is intended solely for memorizing; fully working in Quizlet using one phone is impossible. Alas, you can create and edit modules only in the computer version of the application. The great news is that Quizlet can work without the help of a network. This is convenient: Wi-Fi is not always available, and the fragments of learning material you need are always at hand. It is enough to add them beforehand and work!

3. Evernote

Evernote is an application which synchronizes all files — text, audio, video, pictures — with an online account, so that you have access to your learning resources at any time, regardless of whether you have a computer or are away from it and you can only use a phone or tablet.

In Evernote, you can also record lectures, group them, add photos, provide reminders, and even geotags. Simpler analogs are Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, Nimbus Note, WizNote.

For independent advancement in the profession and broadening one’s horizons

4. TED

It is an application for access to TED open online lectures, where the most interesting topics and the most innovative ideas are discussed in all languages of the world (free on iOS and Android).

5. Coursera

It provides access to Coursera’s open, free online courses. 

6. Night sky

It allows you to create a real worldview of the universe with the actual arrangement of stars and a sky pattern. 

Reminders, organizers, alarms

7. Todoist 

It’s a convenient and useful “reminder,” which will help to fix all your things to do for months and remind about them on time.

8. iStudiez

It’s a mobile life schedule that reminds you when to go to lectures, and when you can relax. You can upload a schedule to it once, and you will not be late anywhere the whole semester. At the same time, you can note down tasks in it and keep records of grades.


It is a smartphone scheduler, which is considered one of the most convenient. A to-do list and a reminder system will tell you what not to forget, and synchronization will allow you to look into your personal plan from any device.

10. Alarmy

It disables the signal only if you take a picture of a predetermined object, such as a toothbrush. You can set another way to turn off: intense and repeated shaking of the mobile phone. Such physical exercises can wake anyone. 

I hope that you will find these apps useful, and you can get through a college semester more comfortable with them.

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