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PVP and PVE Content in World of Warcraft, What a Beginner Should Pay Attention To

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WoW, is one of the brightest MMO projects to saturate the game world with various activities and activities available to players.

The content of the game can be divided into PVP and PVE components, and the player himself will choose which way to go – devote himself to battles with representatives of the enemy faction, or fight world bosses to get the best equipment and weapons.

For lovers of a lazy game, you can buy wow gold and just skim the cream off the project and not bother with pumping and grinding and go straight to PVP.


1. Battles on locations.

2. Large scale fighting.

3. PVP arenas

4. Duels.

Location battles

Since the basis of the World of Warcraft is the confrontation between the faction of the horde and the alliance, regardless of the choice of side, the player will regularly meet opponents and engage in battle with them.

PVP in WoW is literally everywhere and if you look for a fight, you can definitely find it. You should not deliberately look for characters of the enemy faction below you in level – you will not receive rewards and sooner or later, stronger players will arrive at his request and kill you.

For killing a representative of an enemy faction of your level, you will receive special coins that can be spent on weapons and equipment with a PVP bias.

Large scale fighting.

Since the World of Warcraft is about the struggle of factions, from time to time large-scale hostilities take place on the continents between the Horde and the Alliance for the right to control key territories. By taking part in such battles and proving himself, the player will receive combat coins, which are also exchanged for weapons and armor with enhanced PVP stats.

PVP arenas

There are arenas in WoW where players can face off against opponents in 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 battles, where the winners receive arena coins – a special consumable currency for obtaining combat equipment.


A duel is the only way to fight a representative of your faction and is purely entertainment in nature – there are no rewards or rewards for victory or defeat. You can duel anywhere except in safe zones.


  1. Quests
  2. Monster hunting
  3. Raids and dungeons
  4. Profession


Quests are the basis of leveling in World of Warcraft – the character is sent to complete the tasks of the game from the first minutes, which allows him to quickly gain levels, a fixed supply of gold, equipment and weapons, as well as consumables.

Quests in WoW should be considered as a reliable source of learning the basic game mechanics, a way to gain experience and equipment, and most importantly, as a quick character progression without a strong drawdown in earning gold to the maximum level.

Monster hunting

Monster hunting itself is not provided for in WoW, since it has no direct benefit and a fixed time for receiving a reward – it all depends on the luck and determination of the player, as well as the number of monsters that the player can kill in an hour of time. An excellent source of gold and periodic rewards in the form of equipment items and consumables popular with armor crafters and merchants.

Raids and dungeons

Raids and dungeons Tomb of Sargeras remain one of the most reliable sources of weapons and armor in the game. Having gathered a group and challenging the bosses, players are guaranteed to receive a reward if they succeed, of course, all rewards have a variability in dropping out, but the number of attempts will certainly lead to a positive result.


Many players have stopped taking professions seriously, because they require time and can only choose two main professions for development.

In fact, professions are a good source of earning gold and the ability to independently dress and equip a character with everything you need simply by getting everything you need in game locations.

Pick up mining and smithing if you’re playing a character with heavy armor or steel weapons.

Leatherworking and skinning will help tricksters and warriors with light armor.

Tailoring and Jewelcrafting will suit battle mages and priests due to the ability to create magical armor and unique magical orbs.

For leisure and the guild, you can engage in fishing and cooking – these are minor professions and do not occupy a slot, all characters can learn them without exception. Cooking will help you prepare dishes that increase the characteristics of the character, which is especially important before difficult raids.

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