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Might and Magic Nostalgia: 3 Turn-Based Fantasy Games No Fan Should Miss Out On

Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest was the first video game released in the line-up by New World Computing in 1995. It was, of course, a huge success, and would soon go on to lay the platform for a long line of turn-based strategy games with RPG elements from there on. Not all the games released were successful, and the series went through several changes over the decades, but it never died out.

In fact, the Might and Magic games have had a such a significant impact on medieval fantasy-themed pop culture’s development, that it can only be considered second to the D&D games. Unfortunately, Ubisoft could not do justice to the latter games in this series as they were developed poorly, filled with bugs, and even abandoned soon after by the infamous developer.

Might and Magic in Newer, Better Packages

Fortunately, the main gaming mechanics, theme, and formulas behind the original Might and Magic games were never forgotten and several superb games were later developed in the same theme and game genre as the Might & Magic series. 

Games like King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North (2012) and King’s Bounty: Dark Side (2014) by 1C-Softclub kept the genre alive and kicking, and even the best Australian online casino is built in the classic might and magic theme! In the last decade or so, the Might and Magic theme and turn-based genre has seen some really good titles being released. Next, we are going to look at three of those games that no fan should miss out on.

King’s Bounty II by 1C Entertainment


The original King’s Bounty inspired the entire Might and Magic series and the latest introduction to this series was only just released in 2021. Some fans did not like how the landscape now had a third-person gameplay aspect to it though, which is understandable. Then again, the graphical prowess of the game adds life to the turn-based strategy game’s tactical diversity and each map creates unique potentials to use it in a way that benefits your gameplay. Complete with new RPG elements added to the three heroes’ character development paths, King’s Bounty II is a delight for any RPG fan who has not played it yet.

Age of Wonders III by Triumph Studios

Age of Wonders 3 free to download and keep forever from Steam

Released back in 2014, Age of Wonders 3 still has a cult fan following among gamers who love the Might and Magic theme. You have the option to choose between six factions and lead your armies to conquer and build a grand empire of your choosing in this 4-turns/turn-based strategy game. The grids may remind you of the Civilization series at times, but the units, the heroes, the leaders, etc. will get you into an instant nostalgia about the old Might and Magic games.

Sorcerer King: Rivals by Stardock Entertainment

Sorcerer King: Rivals review

Although Stardock Entertainment’s previous release got all the limelight and people do love Fallen Enchantress a lot more, Sorcerer King: Rivals is still a lost gem that did not manage to shine as well as it should have back in 2016. With over eight factions to choose from and more exploration elements to the game, Sorcerer King: Rivals comes highly recommended to all Might and Magic fans who may have missed out on it. Honourable mentions must include some of the other popular titles like Fallen Enchantress, Eador Genesis and finally, Endless Legend. Even if you are more of a D&D gamer, you will find each title on this list to be highly enjoyable and not that different from the tabletop cult classic either.

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