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OSRS Shattered Relics League: What to Look Forward To

What to expect and look forward to

OSRS Leagues come around every so often. They’re held on servers available for a limited time. Within that time, players can do tasks and collect points. As they accumulate points, they can buy buffs to get stronger or get rewards from the shop. Each league has its own restrictions and limitations players have to get around. Prior leagues forced everyone onto the Ironman/woman mode, where they couldn’t trade OSRS gold or items with each other. There were also area restrictions, though the leagues restricted different areas.

Shattered Relics is the newest league for OSRS. It would’ve been released this month, but it got pushed to next year on Jan. 19, 2022. It will last about two months and end in March. So far, it’s the only league to expand the story of the leagues. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What We Know About Shattered Relics League

The main objective during a league is to complete tasks to get League Points. Tasks have several difficulties, and the higher the difficulty the higher the points it rewards. Since everybody starts with a blank slate, no OSRS GP or items at all, it’ll take some time to get to the highest difficulty tasks.

These tasks can be as simple as opening your bank at a certain location or as complicated as defeating a boss a certain number of times. Sometimes you need to reach certain levels or do quests. One thing’s for sure, any participant will be busy trying to reach their target number of points.

There are no area restrictions for this league. However, areas will be locked behind paywalls that cost some amount of League Points. Bosses also get this treatment, though due to their mechanics a majority of Wilderness Bosses are unlocked from the start. Players start out with three skills as well, spending their points to unlock further ones.

They may also spend their points to auto-complete quests. The downside to this is that they don’t get the XP rewards they would’ve if they did the quest manually.

Doing all kinds of activities will provide players a chance to receive a Relic Fragment. A mysterious figure had shattered them, thinking perhaps that players hold too much power. At any rate, fragments contain a portion of a relic’s power, but they can be combined for a variety of effects.

Fragments have a base effect, and two set effects. Equipped ones gain XP as you gain experience for a skill. It’s only 1 point per 4 ticks, but thankfully getting duplicates will also increase its level. As its level increases, its base effect gets stronger. At max level, you’ll stop getting dupes of the fragment.

Progressing through the league means unlocking higher tiers of fragments and stronger effects!

Rewards and Accolades

Leagues Reward Shop

The League Shop will be coming back, selling league-specific rewards. These OSRS items for sale may be exchanged for League Points. Judging from past shops, the items may be traded freely on the Grand Exchange afterward.

Trophies will also be awarded to participants who have reached certain point accumulation milestones. You can display these in your house, or equipped for a unique emote. Trophies range from bronze to dragon, depending on where you rank.

A league-specific outfit is available as well. There are three tiers with higher ones costing more, but also increasing in elaboration and style. Buying the lower tiers isn’t necessary to unlock or use the higher tiers of the outfit. Other cosmetic rewards are Ornament Kits for the Dwarf Multicannon, Void, and Elite Void sets. The latter applies to all combat types of the set. Another reward changes the animation for the Home Teleport spell.

The league banner is a staple reward so far, so expect one to come with this league. Lastly, there’s a Weapon Variety Pack that can be used on the Abyssal Whip, Tentacle Whip, Rune Crossbow, God Books, and the Mystic Robe. One Weapon Kit may only apply to one weapon.

Parting Words

All in all, it’s a league to look forward to. With these challenges ahead, the rewards are all the sweeter. Who wouldn’t want the prestige of winning a gold or dragon trophy from this league? It would also be all on your own effort, without having to buy OSRS gold for sale or any advantage.

Enjoy OSRS while waiting, and prepare yourself for this incoming league. It’s going to be an exciting one!

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