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How Gaming Companies Encourage Loyalty

Unless you’re flush with cash, you’re no doubt aware of how costly gaming is as a hobby. That’s particularly true if you’re trying to keep up with every big-name title that you can, which means you’ll have to throw down even more money to buy each console to play their exclusive releases. Luckily, however, it appears that the industry has recognized these consumer woes and has, in a way, started to give back. Sure, it may only be a way to encourage loyalty to a single console or platform, but it’s better than nothing, right? Of course, and here’s how they do it.

Loyalty (Should) Have It’s Perks

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While the big three gaming companies—Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft—all have their ways of retaining their faithful user bases, Sony and Microsoft are the ones putting in the most effort to keep their gamers happy. To be fair, Nintendo may bring back Club Nintendo, wherein you could receive free games and merchandise through points accumulated from game purchases. Until that happens, though, Microsoft and Sony reign supreme with their Games With Gold and PS+ Free Games Lineup programs. Now, you have to pay a monthly fee to download and play those games, but it’s beyond worth it. A subscription is about $50/year, and you receive two to four free games on a monthly basis (most of them being at least $10 to purchase).

This same concept has been used within the world of online gaming, where the competition is even more intense than in the console world. The reason being, really, is that there are so many companies out there that they have to find some way to entice users to become regulars. And in looking at how Gala Bingo accomplishes this, the company does so through its own VIP program that features frequent deposit bonuses, opportunities to visit exclusive events, and access to top-tier customer service. These factors, among others listed on the site, allow it to stand out while ensuring that its user base has more reasons to return than the obvious allure of potentially winning some money.

Contests & Free Stuff

And it may not be a gaming company in a traditional sense, but Best Buy is certainly one of the top places where people purchase gaming products. To that end, it’s not surprising that the retail giant implemented its Gamers Club initiative to make sure that people only go there to buy a new title or console. Joining the club is free if you want entry-level benefits like double points for trade-ins. However, you can opt to spend $30 for a two-year membership to Gamers Club Unlocked and you’ll get 20 percent off all new games, a 20 percent trade-in bonus, and other perks. Not bad, and if you buy enough stuff over the two-year time period, that $30 will even itself out.

Again, being a gamer may not be easy on our wallets, but at least these companies are trying to make it a little easier.

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