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All Aboard The Tech Train!

How do you optimize business in this age of technology? It is proving to be harder to find methods to keep yourself afloat when so many other companies in the race to the top. And those that are not embracing tech are going to fall behind the curve very quickly. In keeping your business as match fit as possible, you need to roll with the punches and take every change in tech on the chin. The fact is that technology can cause as much of a business shake-up as a shift in the market. It is that important to be able to think on your feet and to employ the right people who can change with you and to be able to develop strategies as the world around you changes. The small businesses and startups can learn many lessons in this changing world, and here is a little cheat sheet in the technology stakes.

Be Tech – Flexible

How to Get Your Company to Adapt to New Technologies

Being agile to the changes in tech is the most important thing you can do, and the more you can embrace it, the better it will pay off for your company. Much like the Luddites rallied against machinery, if you fight the grain, you will get eaten for breakfast. The best way we can ever hope to maximize productivity is to make the most of the technology we can get. There are so many sophisticated systems, from CRM to VoIP, and standard software packages that can do your accounting for you, it is all there, and you would be a fool to pass it up. The massive change in how businesses market relies solely on the internet. If someone pulled the plug on the internet tomorrow, the world would collapse within itself, that is how the world has changed! Throughout the life of a company, it can expect to see major changes in tech every five years. This is purely from the investment perspective. So get on the tech train.

Maintain Your Technology

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Once you have made yourself as tech-ready as possible, you need to understand how best to maintain it. There is a big lesson that startups can learn, and that is how to best protect your software applications. The thing that many companies can benefit from is to understand the best methods of getting your software back up to speed when there has been a systems failure, or there has been a network problem. While condensing what can be a million little issues under the banner of “network problem” or “a systems failure” is a tad on the general side, there are so many avenues of resolving a problem in a short amount of time. You can get application monitoring such as Retrace features, which is a piece of software that you can use to trace your code back to the problem source, and now there are so many comprehensive troubleshooting guides, that someone who is only partially knowledgeable in IT would be able to locate the problem and fix it quickly. When it comes to protecting your software or your systems in the workplace, there’s not just the high-end support, but it can be something as simple as helping your workmates to understand how to spot a virus or developing good working practices, like not clicking on attachments that have come from an external email. Digitizing your company means you need to be on high alert.

Use Technology to connect with your Customers

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The fast food, 24/7 nature of the world we live in means that we have to be “on call” to our customers, ready to answer their queries or to take payment. The reason that tech is vital to both sides of the screen, from the business perspective and from the customer’s, is that tech is the key method of communication now. It is now something that is heavily leaned upon. If you’ve been on a plane recently and the Wi-Fi goes down, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s as if the smartphone has become an extension of our hand, and this has to be reflected in our services! From the websites we surf to the videos we watch, the reliance of tech and the internet is making a big contribution to our lives now. So you need to figure out ways to stay ahead of the game. Interactive marketing is proving big on Facebook and is slowly making its way into other sites, and the live stream is adding another level of interactivity, and so as tech increases in value, we should use it to add more value to our business.

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