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The Gaming Industry Is Flourishing Around the Globe

The gaming industry is flourishing in the Philippines, and the economy of the country is growing up rapidly, along with the government’s soft decisions. What’s the main idea of business? Create many jobs and help the country’s economy to grow quickly and safely. The Philippines followed the same footsteps as Australia, and the country’s economy is growing every year.

A real-life example from the Australian government

Australian Game Industry Generates $4 Billion In 2018

Gaming is trendy in Australia. Millions of tourists visit the country just for gambling. Sydney and Melbourne are the hubs of Australian Casinos. The government of Australia was the first to allow local Casino operators to create online platforms. Australian officials were first to adopt every new feature in the industry, such as Cryptocurrencies and other payment processing systems on the gambling platforms.

Online gambling in Australia includes sports betting, poker, roulette, slots, and lotto. Up to 75% of gambling income comes from online platforms. That’s because Australian law-makers made soft laws regarding the gaming industry in the country. By that way, we got the best real money online casinos for Australian players throughout the country. The flexible legal framework gave birth to operators that dominate not only on the local level but also on a global market.

The Australian economy is growing every year by 3%. Do you know that Australia is the only developed country that has not seen any economic recession in the last three decades? That’s because country officials help every possible business industry to grow.

Philippines entertainment city is rocking in the last quarter of the year

Australia’s game development industry growing through expansion into other sectors, report finds

Philippines business operators have built multi-billion venues called “Entertainment city: in Manila. There you can get all kinds of companies in the gaming or gambling industry. Manila’s Entertainment city will give you access to Casinos, Slots, Esports companies, etc.

What’s so special with Entertainment City?

Visitors of “city” will see thousands of events, and the only goal is to entertain a visitor. At the same time, local business operators are instilling creative and new-age platforms. For example, you can bet and test your luck on esports. There will be online devices where you can test your luck and have fun.

Australia is missing out on a $3 billion video gaming opportunity

Local gambling operators are accepting only gamers from outside of the country. From official statistics, we know that casino operators have paid more than 2 billion US dollars to the Philippines government in the last quarter of 2018. Experts believe that the Philippines’ budget will get twice more tax income from local casino operators in the fourth quarter of 2019.

We should note that China is not happy with the decisions of Philippine’s government. Chinese citizens are not allowed to gamble in China. So, Philippine-based operators are mostly targeting Chinese citizens.

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