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The Most Popular Types of Online Games

For many people, playing games online has not only made playing them far more accessible outside their own home, but also a great way of creating a community around them. We’ve come a long way since the days of only being able to play games in community arcades or being confined to your television screen. If you’re looking to branch out from your current favorite genre, here are some popular classics.

Brain puzzles

8 Ways to Exercise Your Brain With Games

These are exactly as they sound – nifty online brain puzzles that can be completed at home or using an app. You’ll see anyone from idle commuters to people waiting in coffee shops solving shape and word puzzles on their smartphones. While this may not seem as active or animated as some games, these can be particularly addictive.

First person shooter

The 25 best FPS games of all time

While many may think of Call of Duty when it comes to the first-person shooter genre, this style of gaming is now incredibly varied and diverse. First person shooter comes with the challenge of being limited to the perspective of your own character’s eyes throughout the game. Games like Splatoon by Nintendo are a great example of how this genre has been played and experimented with. Brightly colored paint is fired to create a vibrant and fun gaming landscape.

Online casinos

10 Marvel Superhero Themed Casino Games

Dedicated gamblers may prefer to travel to the likes of Las Vegas for an all-out gambling holiday of a lifetime; however, online casinos have swiftly taken the place of high street versions. Being able to gamble safely from your home, and not have to travel to do so means that they have gained a lot of popularity over the years. If you still make regular visits to your town’s casino but are thinking of just occasionally doing so from the comfort of your own home, then using guides, such as those by Unibet, will explain how to take the shift from casino floor to virtual world.


The 10 best sports games of 2018

Like many other games, sports games create an element of fantasy for the players. If you’re a soccer fan, then creating your own fantasy team and taking the role as manager allows you to do what you’ve always wanted and create a team that works on your terms. With more action-filled sports games, there’s still an element of reflex required. This will keep those who are more excited by concept of active play than strategy and sports team knowledge.

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

The best RPGs to play on PC today

As mentioned with the sports category, fantasy is a huge element of the gaming world. Role-Playing Games, or RPGs as they’re commonly referred to are probably the most famous in terms of playing within a fantasy world and playing a specific character. These characters follow a set narrative, and Final Fantasy is likely to be the most famous. These games have a huge cult following and devoted fan base.

With most people now having access to a smartphone, the online gaming community has continued to expand beyond just computer games users. Being able to stay in touch or watch online tutorials has meant that while the gaming universe has got bigger, online gamers have managed to stay closer together than ever before.

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