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Tech Trends for New Homes

It’s not your grand-mother’s real estate market anymore. If you’ve toured a new housing development recently, you’re already aware of what’s in store for houses of the future. Well, the future is here, and some of the tech add-ons to traditional dwelling places are astounding to witness. Cameras are everywhere, windows have been promoted to the appliance level, certain rooms are designed as tech-ready offices, there are no standard attics or basements any longer, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything that is able to catch fire. Here’s a quick rundown of the top five tech trends you’ll run into if you shop for a new home:

Built-In Security Systems

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Developers love to include built-in security systems. Real estate professionals are likewise enamored with the technology and see it as a major selling point for upscale buyers and youngish professionals with technical skills. Doorbell cameras are popping up in many new homes, as are window and door-based alarms. Home developers learned long ago that young buyers often view security features as added value and a welcome convenience.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Some of the newer window systems can help home owners cut utility bills by up to 40 percent. That’s a lot of money and it’s a double-bonus if you aren’t the one who has to install these pricey items in the first place. When new homes come equipped with super-insulated windows, sellers can tout the extreme cost-saving factor and even throw in a nod to environmental awareness.

Designated Office Space

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The hot trend in home design for 2020 is the designated office. Realtors love to tout this advantage to prospective buyers. Much more than an extra bedroom, these spaces are custom-built to include computer hookups, better wiring to accommodate refrigerators and large office appliances. Many come with ready-made computer stations that can instantly connect to secure servers. Depending how complex your home-office computer network is, it might be a good idea to use a VPN for anonymity, reliable server monitoring tools and other cyber systems that help maintain the integrity of personal and business data.

Fire-Resistant Everything

A wonderful use of technology, compliments of the chemical engineering field, is fire prevention. New homes contain building materials that are nearly fire-proof, though professionals are reluctant to use that word. But it’s a fact that many new homes are about as fire resistant as a human abode can be. Special insulation, fire-retardant paint, flooring that acts as a fire wall of sorts, and ceilings that contain specialized layers of fire-resistant plastic are just a few of the many safety features that come with new homes.

Smart Thermostats

Compared to most other new home tech, the smart thermostat seems downright old-fashioned. But the most modern iteration of the device is part of a whole house energy management system that carefully controls each room’s individual environment and has the potential to save homeowners thousands of dollars per year. Even a low-tech smart thermostat that you can buy at the local hardware store is a money-saver.

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