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How to Disable WPS in Order to Protect Your Network?

The reason that is hidden behind the creation of WPS is to help and support the non-technical folks for quickly adding the device into its network properly without facing any complex configurations. The security level of the WPS is insecure and it creates vulnerability. Once when there arises an attack in the network there directly WPS will start revealing its master password that is used in your network. 

Again there will be no use when you add a high level of secured password because it might also be hacked. Instead of making the situation complicated, you can try switching towards disabling the WPS. It creates a safer environment for the users. Before you are going to start the process there you should know about it in detail. Only then you will clearly know about what is the need for you to undergo the disable process. 

What is WPS?

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The Wi-Fi Protected Setup is abbreviated as WPS. It is a wireless network standard that is used for establishing a stronger connection between wireless devices and routers. It works only on the wireless networks that make use of the password. It is encrypted using the WPA personal or WPA2 security protocols

This device setup will not be working effectively in the wireless networks that you are using in the deprecated WEP-based security that in terms can be cracked easily by the hacker. That too for hacking is possible even using the basic tools. This creates the complexity if anyone who wishes can hack your detail there you no need to use any security pin.  

In the standard system setup there you can start connecting the wireless devices to the wireless-enabled networks. For getting a clear viewpoint start assuming that you are going to connect devices like smartphones or wireless networks.

To start this process on your device where you have to first pick the networks that you wished to connect. After that, you have to enter its security password and without processing these two steps there you can’t connect the Wi-Fi networks. 

How to start the disabling processing?

You could find out the WPS options are available somewhere in the wireless configurations. At the same time, it does not mean that every router will have the same type of options. To click the button you have to navigate to the different windows by clicking. You can find the option called the Wi-Fi-protected setup. It is an advanced option too.

While processing it you have to remember that your goal over here is you have to switch that function off and then disable it. There are two different types of WPS. One is the PIN version the second one is the button type. When compared to both the button type is considered as the safer. It is because to activate it there someone has to press the WPS button that is found on the router to activate the function. Once when the action is triggered it will automatically get off within a few minutes later. 

The pin version will be always on the risky. In this case, the router would be allowed to get disabled only when the WPS altogether or gets disabled in the PIN version. In this effort as a minimum, there is a need for disabling the PIN. For instance, when the actors have to get processed there a physical pressing is required for switching on to the WPS temporarily.

What was the main problem with WPS?

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It makes use of the PIN for routing. Even when you have not used that pin there the wireless router would automatically start generating it and get processed. This pin is stored in two different digital blocks. The router will start checking the first four digits then again it started to check the last four digits. 

When the hacker tries to attack there they predict the first four then step on to the next one. Smart hackers could easily predict the pin within a few hours when they wished to hack. Once when it is found then immediately they start connecting and start unblocking all the complex chains. 

What happens after being disabled?

The WPS is considered as the greatest example of the trade-off that is taken place between security and convenience. The main idea for designing the WPS is keeping the convenience factor, while using this there you have to create some compromise the security. 

The WPS will start working by enabling and joining the Wi-Fi networks without the need for knowing the network password. To activate it there you have to simply push the button that is found on the router. After that, you can start joining the networks that you are in. 

Unfortunately, the WPS is considered as an insecure platform that is used mainly by attackers for gaining access to your account. It is the main reason why you have to disable the attackers for gaining the access to your networks. 

What is to be done after disabling?

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After you are disabling there you have to add the additional devices along with your Wi-Fi network. There the need for your router would no longer be acted as the vulnerable to face the WPS attack

As the user if you are not ready to lose your data or to make the hackers access the data. There it will be a fair deal for you to disable the connection in prior. It does not mean that it would have generated only when you have given the secured pin. It is an in-built option that you can find try to troubleshoot the issues at the starting level to stay stable.

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