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How to Wow College Selection Panels With Your Admissions Essay

Admissions panel members from different schools have read a lot of college essays. They’ve probably read the worst and the best essays there are. Because of this, grabbing their attention with your essay can be a daunting task. But with some tips, you can grab the attention of your readers. Get into College Blog has many helpful tips on how to wow your college essay readers.Check this blog out for more tips.

Feel free when writing your college essay

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You probably think that writing an essay should start from the introduction and then proceed to the body, and lastly to the conclusion. If you don’t want to follow this rule, then don’t. You can actually start in the middle or in the end. If a brilliant idea struck you, just write it down.

Write any random potential anecdotes, details, or ideas as they come to you. You can work on connecting them later. It’s possible (and highly likely) you will write the most effective sentences of your essay only after a great detail of free-writing. Feel free to use any format that works for you in the brainstorming stage – it can be bullet points, an outline, or just a word or two. Your goal is just to get as much down on paper as possible.

You can just connect and arrange the ideas later. The important thing is to jot down your ideas first.

Choose the topic that interests you the most

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Choosing a topic can be a hard thing to do. To make everything easier, always choose a topic that interests you the most. If you want to talk about your favorite hobbies, then write about them in your essay; just make sure they support the topic.

Make a list of your passions

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You’ll notice the idea of passion comes up a few times here. That’s because passion is necessary for engaging writing. If you don’t enjoy what you’re writing, the admissions officers probably won’t either. On the other hand, if you’re clearly excited about whatever it is you have to discuss, it’s more likely the admissions officers will be, too.

If you are passionate about something, writing about it will make your essay full of life. You will also find it easier to write if you are genuinely interested in the topic.

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Find someone you know and trust to ask you several questions about your passions, experiences, hobbies, authors, TV shows, etc. This is much more effective than the broad (and scary!) question: What do you want to do with your life? After having this focused interview, your interviewer will be able to give you extended feedback on your interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This will be helpful in figuring out your essay topic.

The strategy above will make the narrowing down and choose of topic easier for you. If you are genuinely interested in a topic or theme, this will definitely reflect on how you come up with the paragraphs for your essay.

Be concise

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Don’t go off on tangents or be too verbose about one particular subject or topic. Be as concise as you can and ensure that your flow of your narration is natural and continuous and that it does not jump abruptly from one issue to the other.

You have to make your blog concise and coherent as much as possible. It’s alright if you only have a few things to talk about in your personal statement. The important thing is you are able to deliver the topics and the details with conciseness, clarity, and coherence.

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It is important that your essay has the wow factor. You can add that wow factor to your essay by following the tips above. The first step is to brainstorm ideas through freewriting. Next is to choose the best topic, the one that interests you the most. Then, make sure that your essay is concise.

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