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Tech That Will Take Your Gaming Into The Stratosphere

Gaming is no longer a bunch of friends horsing around for fun. ESports mean that the money involved is enormous. As well as the cash rewards, the recognition is substantial, too. Last week, Formula One drivers joined the virtual championship, which shows that games give people the chance to compete against their heroes.

This means one thing – your skills have to on point. With so many rivals out there, all of whom are willing to kill (virtually), you can’t take anything from granted. Thankfully, gamers can rely on tech to take it to the next level.

Forget your comfy chair and state-of-the-art console – here are the must-have gadgets committed gamers require.


There’s no way around it – you’re going to look a little weird! Still, with so much on the line, looks don’t matter. What matters is the amount of glare coming off your TV screen, impairing your field of vision. LeBron doesn’t have to put up with this nonsense, and neither do you with progressive eyeglasses that implement the latest technology. The right pair will provide an optimal depth of field up to 1.5m with an excellent vision for close tasks. Plus, they keep distortion low and double-up as cool reading glasses.

Up-to-date Graphics Card

How gaming PCs are competing with the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Sometimes, the graphics card on your console can’t keep with the latest updates and releases. Gaming is online now, which means manufacturers and game companies can release new patches in the middle of a campaign. While enhanced graphics are awesome, they’re only useful if they’re reflected in the experience. Unfortunately, your card may not be able to keep up with the latest software developments, so you need to replace it ASAP. That way, you won’t have to squint to complete missions or miss vital pieces of information because the screen is pixelated.

Rethink Your Console Approach

No, this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy new hardware. For the most part, the latest release will cost you a fortune, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all-policy concerning the gaming experience. Games differ depending on the hardware, so it’s best to reconsider which one you play on each console. A PlayStation or Xbox is prime for the majority of games, yet a lot of experienced men and women find that the PC is top of the class for first-person shooters. Also, don’t forget about a tip we’ve spoken of before – using accessories to enhance gameplay.


Do You Need a Personal Firewall?

Because there is a lot to gain, there is also a lot to lose. Hackers are unscrupulous and masters in the dark art of remote theft. As a gamer, it’s tempting to assume that you’re not on their radar. Don’t they have big businesses to pilfer from? The answer is no – companies with lots of money spend it on heightened cybersecurity features. You, on the other hand, could be vulnerable to attack, and that makes you an easy target. Comprehensive firewall and antivirus solutions make it harder to breach your defenses, making hackers more likely to move onto someone else.

If they do get through, encrypting your data will limit the damage of a breach.

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