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4 Reasons Businesses Find It Hard To Go Mobile

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Transforming into a remote-centric business has never been more important than during the Covid-19 outbreak. The lockdown means that companies must work from home to turn a profit. And that’s if you’re lucky. For the most part, bosses will be pulling double shifts from their houses to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Still, desperate times call for drastic measures, which is why you’re trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. However, organizations around the world realize that working outside of the office comes with significant challenges.

You’ll find four of them underneath, and the solutions, so that your business has a greater chance of survival.

Specialist Equipment

Apps and online software have undoubtedly made the transition simpler than it was a decade ago. Today, you can use Skype and Zoom to conduct virtual meetings, while WhatsApp and email accounts make interacting ten times easier. Still, you can’t go fully remote without specialist equipment because these tools are limited. VoIP services, such as phones, integrate your conferencing and communication needs, and they do it by leveraging existing software. You can read more here. The only option is to figure out which equipment you are lacking and plug the gap. Then, you’ll have more flexibility and scalability. 

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Time Zones

The irony of the struggle is that remote working solutions are causing lots of problems. This is because companies such as yours implemented the technology to hire employees from around the world for recruitment purposes. However, now, you need everyone to pull together, but it’s not straightforward as a chunk of the workforce lives abroad. The trick is to prioritize your workload and the essential tasks and relay this to the team. Doing this will encourage them to put these jobs first so that they are completed quickly and efficiently. Also, be flexible and understand that time delays will occur due to people’s locations.

Company Morale

Working from home isn’t a perk under these circumstances. Once the pandemic is over, workers may promise never to complain about the office again. That’s much a lockdown impacts mental health! On a serious note, morale is going to drop as a result of being cooped up all day. As the boss, you’ve got to ensure that the atmosphere doesn’t turn toxic. Therefore, it’s essential to use video calling software to bring everybody together. Even if it’s via an app, colleagues can laugh, joke, and bond. Also, you must stress that working out and eating a balanced diet as a healthy body helps regulate the mind.

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What are you going to do because you’re bored? Work. Yes, it’s tempting to throw yourself into your job to keep the business on an even keel. Unfortunately, overworking is an issue for bosses and workers as it will start to feel as if it’s a grind. So, you should take regular breaks to refresh the mind and limit your screen time. And, set standard working hours. A routine not only stops you from being lazy – it encourages you to put down the laptop in the evening.

What are you finding the hardest part currently?

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