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How To Set Up A Home Office For Productivity

Working from home is a challenge when it comes to getting things done. There are a lot of distractions that can cause you to be very slow when it comes to getting work done. If you are struggling to get things done on time then you may be ready to blame these factors that seem to cause a loss of productivity. However, it may be the way your home office is set up. 

Think about your desk at the office you used to go to. It was far more set up for productivity so your home office needs to be the same. It isn’t just that there are distractions at home. You are also likely not using your setup correctly. In this article, we will go over how to make a home office that will help increase your productivity

The desk

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Your desk is one of the biggest factors in how productive your work is going to be. There are two sides to the story. One way to make your desk give you more productivity is to change the desk itself. 

Instead of sitting at your desk, go for a large standing desk. It has been shown in many studies that there is a big increase in productivity among those that use a standing desk. 

When you are standing, you end up with better blood circulation which gives you energy and focus. This focus keeps your mind on the work at hand and reduces the amount of time spent on other non-work matters. 

If you don’t think a standing desk is for you then you can also get yourself a desk that has enough space on it to keep other items that help with productivity. For instance, if you have a small work space then you may need to keep the things you need to get the work done in other areas. This can slow you down considerably. 

A big desk allows you to be far more organized and have everything you need at hand. 

The monitor

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Dual monitors are not just for computer programmers and gamers. Just about anybody can use a dual monitor to be more productive. For instance, if you have multiple tabs open on your browser at any given time then this is a sign that a dual monitor can be helpful. 

It is much faster to keep important documents open and use the other monitor to do searches or open other documents. It may only save a few minutes at a time, but this adds up over the course of the day. 

Go paperless

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A big problem with home offices is a lack of space. Most people don’t have a separate office but instead, carve out a small area of a room. Since you don’t have much space for document storage, it is much better to go paperless and avoid needing to have a complicated system to store your documents. 

You can scan all your current documents and save them to the cloud in just a few days to free up that space. Then, when new documents come in, scan them as you get them. Having everything at your fingertips not only frees up space but also makes things quick. It takes far less time than rummaging through a file cabinet. 

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