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5 Reason’s Why Your Website Isn’t Making Conversions

Business websites perform many functions and one of them is converting leads into paying customers. If you’ve invested money into SEO tactics to build your website traffic but still aren’t seeing the results you expected, then here are five things that may be causing the shortfall. 

1. Your website is not user-friendly 

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Once a person clicks on the link to your website, you have approximately 15 seconds to grab their attention and to make them stay. If during this time they cannot find what they are looking for, are led in a circle by broken links, or have to wait too long for a page to load, then you risk making them another bounce statistic. During your web design process, be sure to include usability testing and to keep performing it whenever you make any significant changes to your site. 

2. Your website is not mobile compatible 

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Another common reason why a website may appear as though it is not performing is that it is not compatible with mobile devices. With the smartphones in our pockets now just as powerful as some computers, more and more people are browsing and making purchases on their phones, rather than on their laptops or desktops. This means that you need to ensure that your website looks good and is easy to use on much smaller screen sizes. Try testing your website on a variety of different smartphones and see if it is possible to read the font and to press all of the buttons.  

3. Your website copy is bland 

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You may have spent hours writing engaging articles for your blog in order to draw traffic to your site, but if the copy on your website is then bland and uninspiring, people are likely to lose interest and to leave before making a sale. The copy on your website is just as important as its imagery, so do make sure that you invest in a good copywriter who is able to bring your brand and products to life in word format. 

4. You need to include more white space

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Cluttered websites are hard to read and difficult to navigate, not to mention they look unprofessional and amateurish too. The key to making a website that looks great and is easy for a person to browse is to include plenty of white space. White space is simply a term used to describe gaps between text and imagery and although you may think of this as unused space, it in fact has a very important function in the design of a website. 

5. You are not fulfilling each stage of the customer journey 

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And finally, if your website looks great, has an engaging copy, and is easy to use and you are still not making conversion using your SEO, then you may find that you are directing people to it at the wrong stage of their customer journey. In general, people must go through an awareness and a consideration stage before making an acquisition, which means they need to see content about your brand and how it compares to others before they will commit to the sale. If you are trying to jump from awareness content straight to the conversion page of your website, then this leaves out the consideration stage and may cause people to jump ship before committing. 

So there you have it, five of the reasons why your website might not be making the conversions you expected. Do any sound familiar? 

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