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Making Your WordPress Site More Original – Whatever The Project

WordPress is one of the most commonly used websites for self-publishing web pages and blogs, and for a very good reason. As a basic user-friendly website maker, it is extremely easy to get into, and it can be extensively use too if you know how.

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But if you are not careful, a website created with WordPress can end up looking just like a thousand other sites just the same, and yours will be dwarfed and washed out in the fray. It is helpful to know a few ways to make your own WordPress site stand out, so that you can have more hope for its future as a website.

Turn Away From Templates

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Most users will automatically use templates when they set up a website in WordPress, for the simple reason that it is easy and there are so many to choose from, so you can almost certainly find one that is suitable for you. But as useful and convenient as they might be, you probably don’t want to stick to templates for very long, especially if you are hoping to be taken seriously and stand out from the crowd. By using a builder elsewhere, you can create a truly original WordPress landing page, which will give your website an original and unique feeling from the very start. You will probably see before long that you hardly ever actually need to use templates at all, so long as you know where else to look.

Design Your Site On Paper

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It might be argued that the biggest mistake people make when they are designing a website in any way on any platform is to rush into it without first thinking about what they want. But if you take the time to design your website first, you will find that it really does make an enormous difference to how original the final product turns out to be. The best way to design your site is the old-fashioned way.

Level Up Your Website

Get out some paper and pencils and start sketching, as if you were creating a newspaper or a book. Get it all down on paper first in as complete a manner as you possibly can, and then you will find that the WordPress process is easier and more original on the whole too.

Learn Some Code

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Around 95% of WordPress users do not know any of the code which can unlock a whole other side to the website. If You know a little code, you will be amazed at what a difference it can make to how much you can achieve with your WordPress site.

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You might not think that you are able to code very well, but you would be surprised. Html code is not too complex, and a brief online lesson is probably all that is necessary to give you a head start in the basics. You can then make your WordPress site much more original and keep it completely unique – which is something everyone wants to achieve. A little code really does go a long way in WordPress.

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