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Mobile Gaming Is Growing Fast With No Downturn In Sight

Mobile gaming is growing fast, and just looking at the way publishers are getting behind it shows that it is here to stay. With many games based on the free-to-play mode, why are they continuing to be so popular, and will there be an end to this boom?

To see the popularity of mobile gaming you just have to look at the television and the advertisements shown. It seems we are constantly getting Clash of Clans adverts, and Games of War which feature big named actors showing their love for the games. We’ve even seen Arnold Schwarzenegger fronting a campaign recently.

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This shows that there is big money behind these games, and while some may argue that these money making apps don’t really sit under the umbrella of “real games” they are here to stay. People are willing to download them, to play them, and to put their money into them to make progress.

If you notice, the word money has made an appearance. You may ask why free-to-play games make such a profit? The truth is that they may be free to download, but they are also created so that the gamer has the option to put real world money into the game, or choose to unlock some games using their own hard work. This can accelerate gameplay and help with quicker progression since people value the things that they make or earn with their time.

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What this optional payment system gives are a way to make money off the player who is hooked on the game. There are some that decide not to pay money in but to grind away on the game until it provides them success. Even players who decide to use this method are likely to see advertisements on the game screen, which adds to the profit.

Whether we like these money making schemes in “free” games or not, the fact is that all games need to make a profit if they are to survive. Billions of dollars are being spent on these games and it is a booming market, which is being noticed by the big games companies like Konami and EA. While they see money in making these games they are here to stay.

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So with no threat of stopping, the growth of mobile gaming is set to continue. This will be good news to the people who enjoy playing the games, and even to those that don’t, the profit made by mobile gaming can be used to make bigger and better Triple A games. Seems to us that this is a win-win situation.

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