Do You Dream of Working With Google? Here’s How You Can!

Have you ever thought about how many people want to become part of a global corporation like Google? Almost two million people worldwide apply for different positions in this company. Millions of personal statements are received by Google HR managers every year, and only a limited number of them are seriously considered. Such a popular organization is a dream workplace for many employees.  Hence, there is nothing surprising in your desire to work for Google, especially giving the numerous benefits of being a part of the Google team.

Everyone Wants to Work for Google

Employees from different countries admire five potential employers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple corporations. However, if people only knew all the goodies Google rewards employees, it would probably be the only leader among the most attractive corporations where they can find a job.

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting advantages offered by Google:

  1. Those who don’t like the pressure of an ordinary office routine and people who easily get stressed are going to be interested in a Google work setting. According to the company’s workers, the atmosphere in the company positively affects the entire stuff. Everybody is open and friendly because authorities show their confidence in employees without constant and nerve-racking briefings.
  2. What is more important is that food and entertainment are for free and you can always have some fun by playing bowling or billiards or have a tasty snack in a cozy restroom. Even your boss can put aside all his or her chores and join the game. All in all, you should feel confident and important to be able to provide the company with brilliant results.
  3. This job will meet the requirements of individuals adoring pushing their limits and improving their skills by learning from real business sharks. In Google, there are many talented and experienced professionals to learn from.
  4. The last advantage that needs to be mentioned here is the opportunity to try bringing to life some new and risky projects. However, it doesn’t mean that every fresh idea is adopted by authorities immediately; you need to defend your project properly first.

High salary, excellent working conditions, numerous bonuses, and wonderful job climate are advantages attracting every person at Google. If you are one of those dreaming about working for this corporation, you need to learn about traits and qualities Google’s headhunters look for in candidates.

Four Traits that Google Head Hunters are looking for

Here’s what it’s REALLY like to work at Google, the ‘world’s most attractive’ employer

Don’t try to make a strong impression on an interviewer, as he or she chats with thousands of candidates doing the same. Alas, it is not enough to look confident and friendly to be welcomed into the Google family. For this purpose, we have prepared four most appreciated traits that every interviewer looks for in an applicant.

General cognitive ability: Your qualification is not enough to get a job at Google. Cognitive skills, which refer to the ability to make decisions, complete complex tasks, find solutions to challenging problems, etc. are also extremely important. People with high cognitive skills are able to produce several projects for a short period.

Emergent leadership: Google HR managers look for emergent leaders who are able to cope with arising issues and then go back to the ordinary pace of work.

Cultural fit: It means that you should feel the atmosphere of the company and behave appropriately. For instance, if you are wrong, you admit the mistake. If you are right, you prove the point. Everything is simple there!

Unique approach to work: To be part of the Google team, you need to be an expert in your sphere. Generally, such individuals spend almost all their time to execute a task better than anybody else.

If you have all these traits required by Google, you can proceed to personal statement writing.

Winning Personal Statement Composition

How to write a personal statement for your CV

After learning the requirements of Google HR managers, you should proceed to creating the most outstanding personal statement paper ever. To write a winning statement, look at the following hacks allowing to fulfill the assignment in the best way:

  1. Explain your motives of working for the company. Be open and sincere, and if you want to get the job only because there is free food, state it in the paper. All in all, you need to stand out of the pack.
  2. Give a reasonable evaluation of your possibilities and show that you fit the bill (keep in mind four traits every candidate should have, which are stated below).
  3. Keep it short and be precise while expressing your thoughts.
  4. It may be appropriate for a small car selling company to use clichés in a paper, but Google will throw such application away. Beunique!
  5. Describe the skills that you learned outside a college. HR managers welcome people who can learn something new by themselves.
  6. Don’t put an emphasis on your qualification, as Google interviewers think studying at university can limit your intellectual activity.

By keeping in mind the previous hacks and tips, you will certainly compose an exciting paper attracting the attention of HR managers from the first lines. That is the formula of a winning application for a Google position! Use it, and you may soon find yourself in a team of the best experts in the world.

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