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Some Big Mistakes That The Tech Giants Made In 2012

Giants like Microsoft, Apple, Nokia and Facebook have to learn some lesson from their mistakes in 2012. Both Microsoft and Apple let go the men in charge of their operating system divisions. The impact this will have on the both companies is up for debate, but it will certainly be interesting to see if any other company will capitalize on this recent turn of events and come up with a new operating system to challenge Windows and iOS. For now, here is a list of failures all three companies will try hard to forget.

Facebook IPO, The Disaster

Track Zuckerberg’s Real-Time Worth

For those of you who aren’t aware, any company in the US that goes above 500 shareholders has to go public with reasonable stocks. Initially, when the Facebook IPO was being filed, a lot of media attention went its way, and for obvious reasons. Everyone saw a goldmine in the public offering, but when the day arrived it didn’t turned out to be as lucrative as was expected. Investors lost a great deal and some serious questions were raised at the young leadership of Facebook and whether or not they had a solid plan. In trying to salvage their reputation, especially in the US, Facebook later announced that they were coming up with their own smartphone (how original!) which was later delayed for reasons unknown.

Apple Apologizes Over Maps

Apple Maps’ Six Most Epic Fails

Apple’s public apology came over their release of its home grown map service released with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 this fall. Based on Dutch navigation equipment and digital map maker Tom-Tom NV’s data, Maps faced immense criticism among Apple users who upgraded to iOS.

Losing most of its market share to rival Google, Apple is on a new quest to end its dependency on Google products such as Google Maps. But the first release of Apple’s mapping service contained obvious bugs and lacked what Google has offered its users over the years by way of interactive customization and campaigning.

Nokia No Longer Top Dog

No turnaround in sight as Nokia loses another $1bn

There was a time when Nokia ruled the mobile phone market, and companies like Apple and Samsung strategized their future roadmaps based on Nokia’s phone releases. Then along came Android and shattered the entire Symbian market. Nokia, unlike its contemporaries, reacted very late to changing trends and eventually chose Windows OS over Android. This year, with the release of the new Lumia series, Nokia tried to make a place for itself, but was unable to make an impression when it came to numbers. In fact, after many years of reign, they’ve lost their position in the top five mobile phone manufacturers. Will they continue to stick to Windows phones or the join the Android army, is the question on everyone’s lips.

Moar Tech Fails!

Need Moar Tech Blunders? Of course there are more. We only talked about some of the things that happened in the tech world, for more Huge Fails in the Tech Industry this year check out this list put together by Wired that takes a look at some of the other mistakes by Tech Giants in 2012. Lessons we can all learn from!

From Apple Maps to Epic Hacks: The Year’s Top Tech Fails

What do you think was the biggest fail from a tech company this year? On the opposite end of the spectrum, what tech companies are you rooting for in 2013? Leave it in the comments below! Thanks for Reading!

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    You didn’t mention Instagram, their decision to sell user photos made their alternatives popular among many other worse things

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    Who the hell said that NOKIA is going down !!!!!
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