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Tips To Help You Save More Money

We are living in a time where saving money has never felt more difficult. It seems that, by the time the next payday comes around, we have nothing left over to put into savings. So, if you’re finding it difficult to save money, here are our tips and tricks to help you save more money.

Stocks and Shares

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‘Stocks and shares’ is a phrase that can intimidate a lot of people, but fear not! It isn’t as scary as you might think. Opening a Wealthify ISA might be your answer to saving money. With this, you pay a low fee and all the work is taken care of for you. Simply put your initial investment into the account and behind the scenes, experts will use stocks and shares to invest your money. Fingers crossed you will be making gains in no time at all but understand there are risks involved! 

Spare Change All Adds Up

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It might not feel like it, but all that spare change really does add up. If it’s cash, try to put any change at the end of each day into a jar, and you will soon see the jar filling up with loose change. Or, if you don’t use cash, you can do a similar thing with your bank account. In fact, many banks offer an automatic spare change program, where they will round up your spending to the next whole pound, and automatically move the difference into your savings account. Clever, isn’t it? This is a great way to save, as you won’t even realise it’s happening until you check your savings account and see the amount rising each day.

Takeout Tax

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Do you have too many takeouts? Take the opportunity to save money every time you either get a takeout or go out for food. This is another great feature that many banks offer. You can set up different ‘pots’, which are within your savings account. Each different ‘pot’ has a trigger action that will trigger money to be moved into the ‘pot’ each time you do the action. You can set that action to anything you like, but if you are a big foodie, then you can set the trigger to ordering food online. You decide how much goes into your savings each time you complete the action and then it’s all set up. This is a great way to save money by using your bad habits and at the end of the month, you can see how much you have saved.

Have Coffee at Home

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Everyone is at least a little bit guilty of going to a few too many coffee shops each week. Just think, if you stop having a cup of coffee every day, and try to limit yourself to only buying coffee once a week, you could save an extra £15 every week! That’s £60 a month you could be putting into savings! Of course, there are some of us that need our daily coffee, so try to have a coffee at home instead. This will save you so much money, and your savings account will thank you. 

Of course, financial situations will differ for everybody, but we hope that there has been something on this list that will help you out, so you can finally get saving.

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