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Enjoy The Benefits Of Wireless Charging With These Four Market Leading Qi-based Solutions

Wireless charging is gaining immense popularity. The Smartphone users are giving up on the traditional cable chargers and they might even vanish after a few years. In order to fulfill the needs of this huge marketplace, the manufacturers are coming up with new intelligent and attractive charging technologies.

The new charging solution that works seamlessly with the broadest range of Smartphone (Nokia Lumia, Galaxy S3/S4, Nexus 4 etc) is “Qi”. The Smartphone users are curious about this new emerging standard. Today we cover a few of the leading solutions along with their salient features, so check out the solutions mentioned below if you want to wirelessly charge your device in a seemingly “magical” way.

TM101 Panasonic Charger

Charging is very easy because Panasonic has introduced innovative sensing mechanism. Place your Smartphone on flat surface and leave the rest to this TM101 charge. It has the ability to maneuver its charging coils. This enables it to intelligently meet the level of phone, and the coils go back to their previous position. This is new smart technique that works fine.

Now we look at the downside of this solution. Charging stops as the battery of your phone is full. In order to start again, you would have to lift up and replace your phone. So the users might get irritated and not prefer this solution for overnight charging.

Estimated price: Around $50-$60

Tylt Vu

This unique device features multiple inductive coils and has been designed in the shape of phone stand. There aren’t any moving parts. You can flexibly place your Smartphone in any position and the Tylt VU reliably connects to it. There is a LED, which indicates the status of phone charging. Colors available are black, yellow, blue and red.

Price: Currently it can be ordered online, and when it hits the retail marketplace, the estimated price will be around $70

Energizer Qi Charger

This compelling solution offers additional USB charger and is available in single and two-position models. Unique design of this inductive charger makes it compatible with the broadest range of Qi-enabled devices. The reliability of charging is very impressive even in the absence of whistles and bells.

The top surface is slippery, so your phone might slip downward. On the other hand, inclined design ensures precise connection. The LED isn’t that much bright.

Price: Smaller Qi charger costs around 30-40 dollars and that of the two-position model is in the range of 60 to 70 dollars.

Nexus Orb

This was designed for Nexus-4, but it also works with other Smart phones that have a flat, smooth back. Just put your phone on its slanted face and the users can also operate it while it charges; the reason is that the phone rests in upright position. Standard micro-USB cable has been introduced which provides it technical edge over other competitive charging solutions.

Disadvantages are the absence of external LED, so you won’t have any clue whether your phone is being charged or not. Moreover, you can charge phones that have smooth back.

Dust accumulates on the charging device as it features micro-suction rubber pad. You would need to clean your phone after a week or so, which can be annoying.

Price: Approx. $60

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