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A Hoard of Games for Dragon Lovers

There’s something alluring about the possibility of dragons really being out there. Enormous, terrifying creatures with razor sharp teeth, powerful wings and generally speaking, a big pile of cash. What’s


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What’s the Best Computer for Gaming?

Are you a casual gamer looking for a plug-and-play solution? Maybe you’re an enthusiast who wants to play the latest games but doesn’t need to max out their settings. Or,


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The Interesting History of Computer Hardware Sizes

The industry standard enclosure for a 1U rack-mountable PC measures 11 inches deep, 19 inches wide and a mere 1.75 inches tall. While this rackmount computer is significantly smaller than


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How PC Gaming Is Different (And Better!) To Consoles

These days, the worlds of PC and console gaming are set to merge into one. As you’re probably aware, the PS4 and Xbox One are more or less gaming PCs