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GTA IRL (Grand Theft Auto in Real Life)

The resounding success of “Grand Theft Auto: V” means that millions of players have cruised the open roads of Los Santos. According to Gamespot, more than 33 million people have played the “GTAV Online” multi-player mode and more than 422 million vehicles have been owned in game. Chances are you’ve pined for at least one of the cars in the game and wondered how you could have one in real life. Here’s how you can recreate some of the best cars from Grand Theft Auto with the right gear, base car and upgrades.

Getting The Base

Ford GT

If you aren’t the kind of person who can recognize a car’s make and model just by looking at it, it may have escaped your notice that nearly all the cars in “Grand Theft Auto V” are based on real vehicles. For example, the Super Vapid Bullet is basically a Ford GT. If you are looking to get an exact duplicate of an in-game car, it helps to have an idea of what you are looking for as a base. Some cars, like the Ubermacht Sentinel, have real-world origins that will probably break the bank for most gamers casually interested in owning a “GTAV” style vehicle. The 2014 E92 BMW-3 Series Coupe that the Sentinel appears to be based on retails for nearly $40,000 new.

2014 BMW-3 Series Coupe

Finding a used car online that matches the vehicle you desire is probably your best bet when building a clone of a car from “GTAV,” but in some cases you can fake it. Take, for example, the Sentinel mentioned, if you look at the car in game, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look exactly like a BMW 3 Series Coupe and actually has many characteristics in common with the Suburu Impreza, such as the headlight style. Some vehicles can essentially cosplay as others with the right accessories and add-ons.

Accessories and Add-ons

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Once you’ve got a base car, it’s time to go Los Santos Customs on it. There are multiple ways you can customize your vehicle in game, and while you won’t be plating your real-life ride with armor, you can still trick it out in many of the ways you can when you play. To get started, you can always get a vanity plate for your car .To get a vanity plate in the game, you simply use the IFruit app and design it. Since in-game vanity plates are unique, you could even get a real-world plate to match. Other aesthetic add-ons include custom paint jobs, tinted windows, skirts and switching out your headlights for Xenon lights. All these accessories can be purchased in the game, so take a look at the Los Santos Customs choices when looking to build a car that mirrors one in game.

Grand Theft Auto: IFruit app

Other accessories and add-ons are more about performance. Tires are an important element of getting that “GTAV” style for your car. If you are looking for sport tires to match your in-game sports car, BF Goodrich has been the top racing tires for five decades. Other performance accessories include lowered or street suspension systems, enhanced transmissions and brake systems. While you might not be evading the cops after robbing a bank in real life, having a muscle rig to cruise the open road is part of the joy of “GTAV” and part of the joy you can have in building a car from it.

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