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A Fast Guide for Selling Used Electronics Online

The used electronic market is said to be headed to $1.2 trillion in 2024, that’s a lot of money. And seeing as the used consumer goods market is growing, used electronic retailers are in for a treat if they position themselves properly. This is a quick guide for selling used electronics for the online retailer.

One of the most important factors that affect online sales is your business model. Your business model affects the speed and efficiency of your operation and your operation costs. There are various e-commerce business models, one of the best is dropshipping.

Use Dropshipping


Dropshipping provides all the benefits of traditional e-commerce stores without most of the cost. With dropshipping, you can sell computer hardware, refurbished laptops, accessories, and whatnot without having to handle inventory or spend money on logistics. This increases your profit margin.

To do this, you’ll need a supplier—a dropship supplier. This is a supplier that ships your orders directly to your customers. You’ll also need an online store and a fulfillment service. A fulfillment service is the completion of a retail transaction. This fulfillment is called dropshipping and it’s when a third-party (which can be the supplier or someone else) ships a product directly to a customer without the retailer having to handle the product directly. Hence, a company that ships products directly to customers offer fulfillment services and an example of such a company is Modalyst.

When dropshipping with Modalyst, you get access to certified, hand-picked laptop suppliers, fast shipping, and integration to the major online store platforms like Shopify or big commerce.

If you decide to source for suppliers yourself, ensure that they have a variety of laptops of all the most popular make i.e. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, etc. Also, ensure that they always operate on business days and that they offer fast shipping. You can get refurbished laptops from companies like The Store that offer warranties on certified used products.

Dropshipping also allows you to take advantage of wholesale pricing which increases your profit margins.

Set Up a Store

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Once you’ve sorted your dropshipping model and suppliers, you can focus on designing your store. Like we mentioned earlier, you can use platforms like shopify, big commerce, or Wix. You can create fully functional online stores on these platforms with just a few simple clicks.

When creating your store, you can list products. The Modalyst platform allows you to list an unlimited number of products, and you only pay when you make a sale.

Make it easy to navigate your product listings. Categorize them by make, operating system, intel core, hard drive or ssd space, screen size, and other useful specifications.

Simplify the checkout procedure, implementing a one-click checkout option, and ensure your site is secure.

Supporting Services

How to Sell Electronics Online

The ultimate e-commerce experience is when products and services are fused to produce a holistic experience. Customers are more confident in knowing that the store they buy a laptop from can also repair it if it gets damaged.

It is advisable to offer electronic repair services along with your products. A computer support specialist would be a great addition to your business. If you cannot afford one or would rather do it yourself, you can take a computer support specialist program online. You get a certificate upon completing the course and passing a certification exam. You can then offer warranties along with your products; you can offer a warranty package at an increased price.

You can also provide a help desk to tend to customer service issues. Customer service is an important part of e-commerce. And try as much as possible to offer free shipping. You can include the price of shipping in the product price and show the shipping as free. Customers prefer seeing free shipping even if it’s not really free.

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