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How Geolocation Technology Is Changing the US iGaming Scene

Going online and playing at US casinos isn’t the easiest of tasks even in this day and age.  Geo appliance plays a big part because of the fact that not every state in the USA has legalized online gambling and those that do are open to players from that state.

Last year saw a case where the Hard Rock Casino site in New Jersey was fined $25,000.  A bet of $29 had been placed by someone in Nevada who used technology to convince the site that he lived in New Jersey.

Emergence of SportsBetting and IGaming Scene in the US

Since more states began to legalize online betting, the number of people gambling online has increased. Those in states that are yet to legalize betting will of course be keen to get a slice of the action. Frustrated at not being able to legally gamble in their own state, they will do all they can to register with an online site.

That’s not surprising as there’s a great world of entertainment available online. If you are new to all of this, you will find that there are a large number of apps that you can easily download. Finding out as much as you can about features such as financial transactions and welcome offers as found on BetMGM casino app is extremely useful.

Challenges of monitoring US iGaming to ensure legitimacy

How does the burgeoning US iGaming scene compare to its UK counterpart?

For those that are part of the US iGaming scene, it’s not just the prospect of being given a heavy fine that exists.  Those who don’t care about following geo-compliance laws can also be fraudsters.

Players are able to open several online accounts. You might think that’s not too bad, but it has its dark side. Sites have welcome offers for new members and by signing up with several sites, this can lead to bonus abuse.

How therefore can the US iGaming scene deal with this problem?  One way is to monitor and filter the IP addresses of their customers. That can help the sites work out which of their members actually live where they say they do.

The use of Geolocation Technology to monitor illegal users and accounts

Regulators Armed With Many Tools At Their Disposal In DraftKings Messenger Betting Investigation

The use of geolocation technology does improve the chances of online sites knowing the real location of their customers. It’s not an easy task though, there are plenty of sites out there that allow people to change their IP addresses in a matter of seconds.

Help is at hand from companies such as GeoComply. Their task is to help the iGaming scene to detect and monitor geolocation fraud. This covers mobile devices, Smart TVs and web browsers, all that can be used to hide the true location of the player. Millions of transactions are processed by such companies every day helping iGaming sites and maintaining respect for the gambling policies of individual states.


The geolocation technology uses several data sources that determine just where a user is located. They search for whether VPNs have been used to change an IP address. It’s a complicated but thorough process but the need to avoid fines and fraudsters is of paramount importance and will continue to do so.

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