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7 Ways To Help Your Marketing Department Thrive

Your marketing department is essentially the face and voice of your company. They create and deliver content to help your products or services sell and without them, how would anyone know you exist? In today’s world, many businesses are either completely running online or adding an online element and with so many competitors out there, you need to stand out from the crowd and make a difference. You may be wondering how you could help your marketing department thrive, and we’ve got some amazing tips on how to do exactly that!

Consider outsourcing

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Even the most experienced people in marketing have their knowledge flaws, and there may be ways in which you could take the load off their backs so they can concentrate on the areas they flourish in. Outsourcing different areas of your marketing team could help! For example, if your team creates amazing visual content but lacks social media management, you could outsource a marketing company to perform this element for you. Click here for more information on marketing services you could outsource to allow your team to get on with what they do best.

Give them a budget

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While it’s totally possible to effectively market your business by using free tools and manual work, it will prevent your marketing team from delivering the content you’re looking for. Consider giving your marketing team a budget for things like:

  • Promoting posts on social media
  • Placing adverts on websites
  • Content placement and do-follow links
  • Running competitions and giveaways
  • Creating audio and visual content for Radio and TV advertising
  • Purchasing equipment that will improve the quality of their work

You should set a monthly budget for your marketing team so they can effectively delegate the money and help gain exposure for your business.

Provide your team with essential tools to maximise efficiency

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Once you’ve got a budget in place, you should also start thinking about ways you can maximise your marketing team’s efficiency. Creating and managing content is extremely time consuming, but there are a plethora of tools you can use that will help them manage their time more efficiently. Here are some marketing tools you should consider using:

Adobe suite

The adobe suite provides an array of different programs that can help your team create stunning visual content for your website, social media, and even television adverts. You can buy a business plan for it so multiple users can have access to the suite.


Hootsuite is a scheduling tool that will allow your marketing team to line up content and choose specific times and dates for publishing on social media. There’s a free version that allows up to three platforms, but it might be worth purchasing the premium version to keep everything in one place. It’s really simple to use and can save loads of time.

Tage app

This is an app that has a range of abilities such as hashtag generating, hashtags sorted into category, feed and story saves (both useful for sharing other user content), and even allows you to create cool texts to copy and paste into Instagram. 


This is a content posting and scheduling tool for Twitter. It is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to create content for Twitter posts and schedule unlimited tweets and threads. Hypefury helps companies and businesses to maximize their Twitter presence and gain engagement through automated tweeting and retweeting. It has multiple features such as retweet scheduling, automatic re-posting, engagement statistics, Instragram reposting, etc. The best feature is Evergreen, which automatically retweets best-performing tweets in order to maximize engagement and keep content relevant. With the Hypefury composer, businesses can create content for Twitter posts and get suggestions on how to improve the content for maximum engagement.


If you can’t justify spending loads on something like Adobe, then Canva pro is the next best thing. You can create stunning videos and images, and they have a plethora of other features that your marketing team will find useful such as creating a brand pack and resizing content for stories and website banners.


Tailwind is another wonderful scheduling tool that can greatly help your marketing team expand your social media following. It analyses your followers’ behaviour and can suggest ideal posting times and hashtags.

Google analytics

Google analytics, if you haven’t already got it, is an absolute must for any website. It allows you to see traffic, visitors’ behaviour, bounce rates, and much more data that your marketing team can use to continue creating effective content.

Your Mailing List Provider

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Every business needs a service like this, and essentially it helps make email marketing much more automated. Built in is a handy HTML emailer designing tool and it also allows you to create specific email lists which can help personalise your customers’ experience.

Give them creative freedom

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Marketing requires creativity, and while your content needs to stay on brand, it’s a good idea to give your team creative freedom. Dampening this could lead to the same mundane adverts and content, which will disengage customers and lose your sales. Allow your team to create new and exciting content to keep customers engaged and attract new ones!

Explore new marketing options with them

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There are new ways to reach people coming out every day, and you should explore new options too! While social media, email marketing, and television adverts are extremely effective ways of reaching people, you may consider other options such as:

  • App creation. Could your business benefit from an app? Whether it’s a shopping app or a platform to help customers keep in touch with your latest news and events, it may help attract more customers!
  • A loyalty scheme. Many businesses have some sort of loyalty scheme, and your marketing team can help spread the word! 
  • Leaflet and flyer design. Canvassing is one of the oldest ways of businesses spreading their name around, so could your business benefit from this?

Set deadlines

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While it’s important to give your marketing team space for creativity, it’s also essential to set deadlines to keep everyone on track. Create a marketing calendar with them so they can stay on track, create amazing marketing content, and help your business grow further.

Expand their knowledge

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As touched upon earlier, everyone has gaps in their knowledge, so why not expand your marketing team’s abilities? They could attend university part time to learn more about their skillset which, in turn, will help your business.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you could help your marketing department thrive! Remember that creating effective content takes time, but with the right tools and a great leader, your marketing team can take your business to new levels.

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