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The Role of Software in Website Cybersecurity

The malicious work of cybercriminals presents a clear and present danger to all businesses, regardless of their size or scope of operations. With an estimated eighteen cyberattacks every minute around the world, it must be recognised that no business is truly 100% safe from the work of skilled hackers. 

In recent years, large corporations such as Sony have been subject to multiple hacks; on PlayStation Network and when the film arm of the corporation was producing the film The Interview (which delayed its subsequent release). This should serve to demonstrate that even a well-established and seemingly secure corporation can still be subjected to acts of cybercrime. 

It’s understood that software can play a key role in helping to protect businesses from hackers. In fact, software systems that counter online-based threats should be a part of every organisation’s cyber security strategy. In this article, some key pieces of software that protect against cybercrime will be explored.

Seeking specialist advice

As a first point, it’s important to recognise that many businesses use complex applications, software solutions, and online IT architecture. Ensuring that your company uses this software safely and as effectively as possible can sometimes be difficult to ascertain. It can be beneficial to speak to specialist IT companies who can advise you on how to maximise your IT security and optimise the use of software solutions. 

Firms such as Bytes are Microsoft Gold Partners and can use their skill and expertise to advise on a range of modern software systems. This knowledge can be used to provide assurance that your software is functioning in a secure and stable manner and that it fits the needs of the business. Put simply, in an age of increasingly sophisticated software and applications, it can be wise to seek the assistance of highly trained specialists.

Antivirus software 

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One of the first lines of defence in any company that operates online and has a business website should be to have a trusted antivirus software system installed. Antivirus systems can detect common instances of malware, and by running regular antivirus scans, a company can be assured that their systems are clean of malicious intrusions into their business applications. 

Today, in 2023, there are a wide range of high-quality antivirus software solutions that are suitable for all types of organisations. Click here to view a selection of the best antivirus software packages that are suitable for use in small businesses. It’s of paramount importance to remember that all antivirus systems need to benefit from the latest updates and firmware versions. This helps to ensure that the latest security features are being used by the software so it can identify and respond to the latest threats.

Password management solutions

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It’s a frightening statistic that around 80% of hacking breaches occur as a direct result of staff using passwords that are weak and easy to crack, or as a result of general password issues. Millions of people still use passwords such as ‘123456’ and these are incredibly easy to be breached by even the least skilled of hackers. Password management software can be extremely useful in negating this risk. This software works by creating extremely strong passwords (such as a mix of symbols, numbers and different cases in a combination that would be virtually impossible to guess) which are then encrypted and stored securely. 

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