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Biggest Differences Between FIFA 21 and FIFA 20

After much delay due to the global pandemic, the latest edition of the FIFA game was released by EA Sports last month. Ever since it was first released in 1993, the popularity of the franchise has grown immensely, making it the best selling sports game of all time, and one of the best selling video game franchises around the world. Each year, EA Sports and FIFA hold a FIFA eWorld Cup gaming tournament, which sees hundreds of thousands of gamers from around the world signing up and vying for the big prize. The tournament is also a favorite among esports bettors, and betting sites like bet365 allow players to place bets on the tournament.

Every edition of FIFA brings something new on the plate for the players and enhancements in the gameplay and graphics over the previous editions. Let’s have a look at how this year’s edition is different from the previous year.

Revamped Manager mode

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in this year’s edition is the introduction of a revamped  `Manager Mode´. You can now train players to learn new match skills and retrain them to newer positions. For example, you can train a center back to play as a winger or a left-back as a midfielder. The transition takes time and patience but can prove an advantage to your team. Younger players are easier to train and given adequate match time, they tend to grow their skills. Each match takes into account the sharpness of the player, as well as their morale. With each match and training session, their stats increase and they perform better. Players who are playing out of their position play a weaker game.

Match sim

In addition to the Quick Sim option, FIFA 21 brings a Match Sim option. Using this option, you can jump into action at any time during the entire 90 minute game like a real manager, whenever the game demands. The game prompts you to take control, whenever there is a major event like a free-kick or a penalty. Or you can make changes on the fly, whenever you feel the need.

The game plays at twice the speed of natural gameplay, and you get a top-down view of the on-field action. Out of play moments are skipped automatically.

Volta Mode

It has been a favorite amongst players of the previous edition. This year it receives a more arcade-like feel. You can choose to have Squad Battles with AI teams or squads from the VOLTA community. There is a `Debut´ story which has specific squads, squad-mates, and `free form narrative. Players can curate their unique Avatars and play alongside chosen teammates, with the ultimate goal of unlocking legends like Kaka and Lisa Zimouche for Featured Battles.

Active training

In ‘FIFA 21,’ the game’s Career Mode finally shows signs of life again

Rather than simulating training sessions, you would want to train the players at least a couple of times every week, as this greatly affects their match sharpness and morale. The more you train the players, the more agile they are during a match, and the more likely they are to score a goal or make a key pass. You can also actively manage their rest and training sessions to strike the right balance between game and health.

If you’re a player of the game why not organize a virtual match, you can send them custom soccer medals as prizes. In order for each player to devote himself to the game, this will be given to them as a gift reward. Most importantly, it represents a symbol of their team or individual honor.


There have been some big changes in the transfer system. You can now loan players. The loans can be made permanent. There is also a Loan to Buy option. The AI works great in this regard and you always have to be vigilant in order to stay a step ahead for procuring top players.

Agile Dribbling

A great new feature, especially for the players at the top end of the spectrum, Agile Dribbling allows players to make precise touches at a faster pace, allowing them to keep the ball closer to their feet. It also allows for new moves like fake ball roll, to fool the defenders. In order to activate Agile Dribble, you have to press down R1/RB while moving the left stick.

Natural Collision System

This allows for smoother gameplay and allows a more natural resolution of scrambles, and battles for ball possession. There are fewer skirmishes and free for all, and less falling.

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