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Horror Movies That Are Best Streamed In 4K

Nothing beats watching horror movies that send shivers down your spine. Although you should avoid watching one if you’re weak of heart but having a group watching a movie will surely keep you calm.

Speaking of which we’ve already seen some amazing titles over the past few years that’ve proven worthy. But, think about it; what if you re-watched those movies in 4K? Yes, watching them at such high quality would surely bring out the gory details, making the experience worth it!

But for that, ensure you’ve got the right display and a good internet connection so that you can stream these effortlessly. For the internet, you can check out Xfinity Internet and get a good speed plan that will make 4K streaming smooth. With that, let’s check out some titles that are worth watching in 4K:


The 2012 horror movie, Sinister truly packs the punch that will surely send shivers down your spine. If you haven’t watched this title, then make sure to watch it in 4K to enjoy the explicit details. The plot itself is amazing and the added twist makes it a perfect horror pick for the night. We’d recommend watching it with a mind ready for some jump scares.


One of the most twisted horror movies made, Smile took its marketing campaign way ahead of others because that was the point and it delivered. It’s got some of the best jump scare moments in the shadows that will surely give mini shocks. And when you’re watching it in 4K, then you’ll surely get a good yet horrific experience.

Annabelle Creations

Although some may argue, but Anabelle Creations was one of the best installments in the Conjuring series. The Conjuring itself is one good pick if you’re looking to re-watch horror movies in 4K. However, Annabelle Creations also packs a powerful punch that will deliver jump scares and will keep you scared throughout the movie.


The Insidious series brings amazing horror titles that are equally worthy of their titles. The latest edition Insidious: The Red Door is out and hasn’t disappointed too! But if you want to watch it, we’d recommend watching the initial installments starting from part one. Plus, watching it in 4K will surely bring out the best in each part!

Lights Out

One of the scariest movies that has the jump scare element and will surely deliver it to you is Lights Out. The concept was pretty simple, add a horror figure in the darkness that will get close to you as long as there’s no light. Well, you wouldn’t be able to turn off the lights after this, and since you’re watching it in 4K, then you’ll surely have to make an immense effort to keep yourself awake because well, you get the idea!

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The movie itself is amazing with the plot twist, which makes it even scarier. And when it comes to scary, finding a body of a beautiful woman is nothing less than anything horror. Well, if you’re the coroner autopsying it, then you’ll definitely lose it. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is amazing in this matter, and watching it in UHD will let you notice some amazing details that you perhaps missed if you have watched it already.

The Babadook

Sometimes, children’s stories can come to haunt us, and The Babadook is the best example of it. The movie is filled with suspense, jump scares throughout the play, and the added twist will surely make you think twice about it. Well, it did work on the mother in the movie. Moreover, the sinister character will become a reality if you view it in UHD or will it not?


We’ve all heard of the infamous board game Ouija and perhaps have tried using it too once or twice. However, the movie itself will surely make you think twice about even thinking about it, let alone trying it. The series has multiple parts that you can watch and we tell you, it’s got jump scares at corners you won’t expect (telling for those who haven’t watched it yet).

The Conjuring Series

The Conjuring Universe: An Analysis of the Franchise

Well, we cannot forget the titles these series have produced so far. The Conjuring series holds perfect movies if you’re looking for a horror movie marathon. And what’s more superb than watching the gory horrific stuff going on in UHD? You better be ready for this will surely make you scared if not originally.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! We gave you some amazing titles that you should definitely watch in 4K. Make sure you’ve got the environment ready and yourself prepared for a horror-filled night!

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